The recent wildfires in Maui left many animals injured and misplaced. Donate to help us support our friends at the Maui Humane Society continue to help these animals get the care they need and get reconnected to their loving owners.

Medium sized black dog with perked ears is covered in a blanket by two Maui Humane Society volunteers.

Typically with donation events, nonprofits see a large spike right after something happens. But we know that the Maui Humane Society needs ongoing support through monetary donations to continue making an impact in Lahaina. This is especially true now that they’ve received access to the burn zone and are able to conduct coordinated searches in a rescue effort to find lost animals.

As of 8/22/2023, here’s the impact that the Maui Humane Society has made:

  1. Taken in 187 animals from Lahaina and have attended to them at the shelter in Pu’unene.
  2. Reunited 30% of the live animals with their families.
  3. Working through more than 1,300 filed lost reports.
  4. Staff have helped more than 375 animals in Lahaina.
  5. Thousands of gallons of safe drinking water and hay bales delivered daily in both Lahaina and Kula.
  6. Roughly 130 pets in Maui Humane Society’s care prior to the fires have been transferred off-island into guaranteed adoption homes to make additional space for animals needing shelter
  7. Providing free health certificates, rabies vaccines and airline-approved kennels to residents leaving the island.
  8. Coordinated hundreds of volunteers every day, averaging six hours per person/day.
  9. Distributed 17,000 pounds of pet food and supplies to emergency shelters, distribution checkpoints, parks, churches, hotels and individuals in need throughout the island.

Let’s band together as animal lovers to help support the Maui Humane Society.

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