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March 11, 2021by admin

Sometimes dogs get a bad lot in life and just have a really tough time out in the world. No matter how much we want it to be better for these pups the reality is some animals will find themselves in some unfortunate circumstances. But we don’t want to focus on that today, today we’ll show you that through time, effort, love, and support anything is possible. These are four of the most heart-touching dog rescue stories on the internet.

1. Plum

dog rescue stories plum

Meet Plum, plum got his name because she was found abandoned in a box of premium plums with pillows inside. Hard to tell how long he was alone in that box but she was found emaciated, weak, and unwilling to leave the box. Plum even had to be carried around while inside of the box! 

But soon he started eating wet dog food and was able to get out of the box too. With a lot of time and care Plum soon came to love his new owner and life and is now a healthy and popular pup, just check out his Instagram! Plum is a wonderful rescue story and if you want to see more about Plum’s recovery you can read more about it here.

2. Rusty Diamond

dog rescue stories rusty diamond

Rusty Diamond is a story of a brave dog who was rescued from a life of cruelty into a new and happy life. Rusty was found in Phoenix, Arizona chained up in someone’s backyard for 10 to maybe even 15 years, never once taken off the chain, seen playing with other dogs, or even bathed. Rusty had raw exposed flesh on him, tumors, and plenty of flies flying above him. 

But a good samaritan named Jared Piper visited him almost every day. It wasn’t long before the owner would notice and Jared spoke to them and asked if he could take Rusty. The owner relented and Jared took him to the vet as fast as he could. With proper care and treatment, Rusty was quick on the path of recovery and is now able to play with other dogs. Find out more from this video.

3. Koki

dog rescue stories koki

Koki was limping down the road in freezing temperatures before she was found by a couple who could not leave her alone in the cold. They did not know how long Koki’s been out almost freezing to death. Before the night the couple found him, it had already been snowing for 2 days, closing off roads and stranding cars in the snow. But after getting fed with good food, a warm place to sleep, and a couple of loving and helpful people, things just might start looking up for Koki. Watch Koki’s story unfold here and here.

4. Jimmy

dog rescue stories jimmy

Gone but not forgotten, Jimmy was rescued back in 2012 along with three other dogs but Jimmy was very afraid and untrusting. When he was adopted he would rarely leave the cage, and the adoptive owners would have a hard time making contact with Jimmy because he was always very afraid. But slowly over time, Jimmy would grow to trust people again. With the help of their animal shelter, Jimmy was able to be happy and social again.

Unfortunately, Jimmy would pass away only a few months after the rescue due to major issues with his heart and lungs. Dr. Andy Mathis, who adopted Jimmy and documented his recovery, made a video about Jimmy and made it available on YouTube in the hopes of inspiring or encouraging people to adopt shelter dogs. While his time was short, the last few months of Jimmy’s life was full of love and care. Learn more about Jimmy here

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