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Film is definitely one magical form of art. Whether it be drama, comedy, action, thriller, or any genre, movies have the power to move us. And while the majority of films are starred by human celebrities, we paw parents are lucky to have several animated dog movies that, in one way or another, touch our furry hearts, making us fall in love with our pups even more.

Here are 5 of the best animated dog films that you can watch as a family, or even with your fur babies.



101 Dalmatians animated dog movies

Whether you own a pet or not, you won’t be a stranger to this Disney classic. Originally released in 1961, this film follows the journey of two Dalmatians, Pongo and Perdita, together with their humans, Roger and Anita.

After giving birth to 15 pups, the iconic villain Cruella de Vil kidnaps the little pups with the goal of making a coat out of their furs. In the quest to save the puppies, they end up saving 84 more Dalmatians, bringing the total number of pups to 101, thus the title.



scene Lady and the Tramp - animated dog movies
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This film debatably carries one of the most iconic scenes not only in animated films, but possibly in movies in general. Seriously, who doesn’t know about that memorable spaghetti scene that led to the cutest kiss in film history?

This movie follows the story of an upper-class Cocker Spaniel, Lady who meets Tramp, a stray mutt from the streets. They go on several adventures together as romance blossoms between the two of them, taking us to a heartwarming story that teaches everyone that love knows no social class.



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One of the classic dog movies to watch, this film is inspired by a true story about dog hero Balto. It was originally released in 1995 and features a true-to-life incident that happened in the winter of 1925 in Nome, Alaska.

It follows Balto’s heroic acts in leading a pack of dogs through the Alaskan Tundra with the mission of getting medicines for the children of Nome, who have fallen ill because of a viral outbreak. This film will make you fall in love with your pets even more by making you realize how much they are willing to do to help out their humans.



the fox and the hound
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Foxes and hounds are normally portrayed as mortal enemies in most films, but not in this 1981 Disney classic. In this animated movie, a Basset Hound, Copper, finds an unlikely bond with Tod, a fox.

Much like the social constructs presented in Lady And The Tramp, this film highlights how Copper and Tod’s natural social standing as enemies make their bond a weird one. As they grow up together, they are faced with the reality that their natures go against the friendship they have established. Get those tissues ready because this film might just get the tears falling.



Secret Life of Pets - animated dog movies
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The newest movie on our list, this film is best not only for dog lovers but for pet lovers in general. Released in 2016, Secret Life of Pets features the story of Max and his seeming competitive relation to his human’s newly adopted pup, Duke.

The two of them get lost in the city and go on a light-hearted adventure full of laughs and heartwarming friendship. What started as a rivalry transforms into a beautiful friendship that showcases the importance of working together despite differences.

Did your favorites end up in this list of animated dog movies? We know there are still quite a lot of great ones out there, but these classics never fail to tug our heartstrings. Now call the fambam and set up the television. It’s time for some fuzzy pup movies.

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