Channel 4 is opening a brand new institution named “The Dog Academy” to those beleaguered dog owners across their country through the despair of their disruptive pets. The broadcaster’s Global Format Fund commissioned the said series
and the ring-fenced spend was designed to vitalize the original new format creations where it was based from UK indies and International audiences.

The academy will help and assist desperate owners to manage and train their unruly dogs. Britain’s top specialist trainers’ team will instruct and command troubled owners on the relevance of dog psychology and dog management skills.


Separate training for dogs and their owners will be observed to acquire long-lasting and positive relationships with their furry friends and the audiences will be able to witness the skills obtained by the owners in dealing with their pets and how it will be executed properly and appropriately. Can the specialists and experts help and assist them to leave the academy happily, healthy, satisfied, and have a better life ahead of them and enjoy their acquaintances together?

The Commissioning Editor for Channel 4, Rita Daniels said: “The Dog Academy is a comprehensive and judgment-free place to solve an issue that a lot of viewers will be able to relate to – problematic pups. As well as helping the dogs and owners who come to the Academy, we hope our series will help viewers at home pick up loads of valuable tips and tricks too.”

MD of Five Mile Films, Nick Mirsky said: “What I think will make this series so special and revealing is the combination of top talent from the dog training world and top talent on the editorial team. We are really proud to be making it with Channel 4.”

“The Dog Academy” is an 8×60 and it was produced by Five Mile Films, the makers of the RTS award-winning “The Dog House” for Channel 4. The Executive Producers are Adam Chapman (First Dates Hotel) and Jackie Waldock (Secret Life of 4
and 5-year-Olds) while the Series Producer is Kay Green (Hunted, The Island) and Rita Daniels is the Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 said series.

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