Not every abandoned puppy makes it to the doorstep of his savior. Brady, who is 4 months old, was fortunate.

One recent afternoon, Brady shocked a family in St. Louis when he showed up snuggled up on their porch for a much-needed nap. The family jumped in to aid as soon as they saw the puppy on their stoop.


According to Donna Lochmann, the chief lifesaving officer at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, “They’re animal-lovers and didn’t want to turn him away. So they gave us a call.”

When Lochamnn arrived on the scene, she was taken aback by how laid-back the dog was, especially considering that he was alone.



“He had no other littermates, no other dogs around him, nothing,” according to Lochmann. “But he somehow knew that [people] weren’t bad.”

Within minutes of meeting Lochmann for the first time, Brady agreed to let her pick him up and carry him to her car. The dog was saved when he was about 18 pounds and had no issues being carried by a stranger. Lochmann observed that Brady knew she was there to assist him.



Brady made friends with everyone there and underwent a thorough veterinary examination, which he passed with flying colors.

“He opened up to everybody here right off the bat,” Lochmann said. “He didn’t really seem timid or scared.”


Brady was qualified for foster care once he received the entire series of shots. The shelter workers did not anticipate how quickly the procedure would go.

“He wasn’t here at the shelter for long,” Lochmann said. “He found his foster home very quickly.”



Brady is still in foster care, where he is getting the kind of individualized attention from a family that he has always deserved. When the little dog is not cuddling and playing with toys, his foster parent wrote in a Facebook post that he tries to say hello to everybody he passes on walks.

The staff at the shelter is optimistic that Brady will soon be adopted and find his everlasting home. But for the time being, they are content that this adorable puppy is having the opportunity to flourish in foster care and develop into the contented, sociable dog he was always meant to be.



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