A normal donkey calf usually weighs 50-60 pounds at birth, but when Tiny Tim was born, he weighed under 10 pounds and looked like a bunny. Due to his miniscule size, he had a bad liver and several other health complications.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

A couple decided to take care of Tiny Tim and give him a fair chance at life. They used a syringe to feed him at timely intervals. With dedicated love and care from his adoptive parents, Tim started growing up like a healthy donkey.

Source: Tiny Tim the Mini Donkey/Facebook

Today, Tiny Tim is oblivious to the fact that he is a mini-donkey. He spends his days nestled up with other dogs, getting back rubs from his dad and following his mom around like an adorable puppy!

Source: Tiny Tim the Mini Donkey/Facebook

For Tim, ignorance really is the bliss! He greets his parents with the excitement of a dog, and honks and circles around them every time he is happy. Tim’s cute identity crisis and puppy-like antics makes him our favorite mini-donkey-puppy!

Click the video below to watch Tiny Tim’s super cute identity crisis!

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