dog and music organ

Play that Funky Music For Your Dogs: ‘80s Songs Edition

February 24, 2021

Sometimes, relaxing music for dogs is also needed to somehow help them calm down when their days get too overwhelming. And with relaxing music, we don’t only mean the usual instrumental lullabies we play to help them drift off (although these can count as well) – these can also be upbeat and cheerful. In this…

SF Giants and Dogs

Big Day Out: 18 Dog-Friendly Places To Check in San Francisco

February 22, 2021

Remember when you said you will walk your dog more this year? Now here’s your chance to make good on that promise. We’ve listed down the fun things to do at the best spots, best establishments, and best dog parks and dog-friendly places in San Francisco to visit with your pet.  1. Take a selfie…

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate

Nutella or Nah? Why Chocolate for Dogs Isn’t Allowed

February 17, 2021

Chocolate is truly a classic favorite — it is sweet, creamy, flavorful, and irresistible. It makes you happy and picks up your mood in an instant. It is widely consumed by children and adults alike, but is it also safe for pets? Is there such a thing as chocolates for dogs?   Unfortunately, there is…

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