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Wearsafe Promotion

August 6, 2022

Fido can’t use an iPhone, but he can make sure my kids are safe when they take him for a walk… Wearsafe is free for 24 months thanks to I Love My Dog So Much!  Wearsafe is a safety app designed to let your family check in with one button press. It also immediately shares…

Older Dog Attempts To Escape His Yard But Gets Caught Under Broken Fence

August 4, 2022

Dogs can sometimes get themselves into scary predicaments and rely on good Samaritans and caring people to help them out. We’ve shared stories of dogs getting stuck in storm drains, dogs with their heads caught in holes, and dogs who get locked in a house accidentally. We recently discovered a dog who tried to escape…

Fireman Who Rescued Abused Dying Puppy Left Speechless During Their Reunion

July 12, 2022

Sacramento firefighter Mike Thawley was on the way to an emergency call when he heard a puppy’s distressed cries coming from behind a tree. Mike finished his duty, but the thought of the puppy kept bothering him. He drove back to the tree and was heartbroken to find a sick puppy on the verge of death….

Watch As This Dog Mom Reacts Quickly To Catch Her Border Collie As It Falls From A 20-Foot Window

July 8, 2022

While having a conversation with a window fitter, Rachel Green observed that her dog was opening the window to the upstairs bathroom. What an incredible capture.   According to the Daily Mail, that would be Kent-based English dog mother Rachel Green. Recently, she was having a conversation with a window installer while standing on her…

The Story Of How A Baby’s Cries Helped A Virginia Family Find Their Missing Australian Shepherd Puppy

Luna’s family was having problems getting their lost puppy home, but 5-month-old Bowen’s fussing worked like a charm. Luna the Australian shepherd dog was happily still close by after becoming separated from her Virginia owners earlier this month. Neither a clever trap nor a kind bystander brought her home in the end. Instead, it was…

Dog Makes A Huge Mess And Was Guilty Cause Won’t Make Eye Contact

July 5, 2022

Lily Pawter is a 4-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound who is a very bright dog with a charming personality. She lives with her parents in Leesburg, Georgia, and loves spending time with them. However, Lily cannot stand it when her parents leave her alone at home for more than an hour! Source: ViralHog/Rumble   One day,…

Good Boys Help Their Sick Mama By Doing Adorable Chores For Her

June 30, 2022

Whenever a dog mom or dog dad comes down with a cold or sore throat, it’s always good to have dogs nearby for cuddles and companionship. Dogs are the best healers on the planet since they provide so much love and comfort. An example of the amazing powers of dogs can be seen in a…

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