One winter day, a stray orange tabby cat showed up to a woman’s house looking for some help. He pawed at the door as if he knew to knock to be let inside from the bitter cold. The woman, a foster volunteer with Un Chat à la Fois, a cat rescue in Quebec, messaged the organization’s founder, Marie Simard, and sent her a photo of the cat.

They weren’t taking in adult cats at the time, but she had to do something to help this poor boy. Marie suggested contacting their partner clinic for an evaluation and to receive the care needed. And when the woman went to get the cat from the porch, he was so cooperative!

Source: Marie Simard/The Dodo

The cat was found to be suffering from frostbite, bite wounds, rotten teeth, fleas and ticks, and diabetes. There was no way he would’ve last much longer on his own out there. Marie named him Aslan, and after a few days of treatment, the cat was released to a foster home.

Source: Marie Simard/The Dodo

And this foster family was perfect for him! They even had a fellow rescue cat named Cleo with whom he took to for an immediate bond. His foster mom decided she couldn’t separate the two and adopted Aslan for good giving him the loving home he’d always deserved. Amazing! 🙂

H/t: The Dodo

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