Alyssa DeLuca and Zachary Chin awoke one day expecting a routine day. Then DeLuca saw a Facebook post from Trenton Animals Rock, and everything changed.

“The post described a chow chow/Shar-Pei mix that was terrified in their shelter and would shiver in the corner of his kennel all day,” DeLuca told The Dodo. “I immediately noticed the dog’s big smile in the picture they provided and how similar he looked to my boyfriend Zack’s dog, Arthur. I showed the post to Zack, and he couldn’t believe the similarities either. After reading the description, Zack looked at me and said something along the lines of, ‘Well, you know what we have to do now — we have to save him.’”



The couple had no intention of having a second dog at first, but when they read about Wes and realized how much he resembled Arthur, they knew it was fate.

“Within the hour, we were in contact with Trenton Animal Rocks and submitted a form to foster — and eventually adopt — Wes, and they were swift in their response, asking us how soon we could get to the shelter to meet him,” DeLuca said. “They described him as a super sweet dog, but terrified in the shelter and needed to get out of there ASAP. Three hours later, we were meeting Wes. Our hearts broke when we met him. We waited for him in the outdoor ‘meeting’ area and heard the shelter team try to calm him down as he was still shivering in his kennel … We knew Wes couldn’t stay in the shelter and be scared any longer, so we brought him home with us after the meeting.”



Wes was clearly frightened when he first arrived in his new home, but after he realized he could trust his new family, his lively personality came spilling through. He and Arthur quickly became closest friends, and it appeared that the two were meant to be together. Their personalities were really different, but they worked so well together.

“We would always say that they were the ‘same dog in a different font’ because of how similar they looked, and even though they had a lot of differences, their mannerisms were also very similar,” DeLuca said.



The parents of Wes made the decision to purchase an Embark DNA test kit in order to determine the true breed of their dog. Wes was meant to be a chow chow/Shar-Pei mix. Due to his condition, they ultimately got one for Arthur as well. They weren’t anticipating any stunning information, so when they received the findings, they were really taken aback.

There’s a reason why Wes and Arthur behaved and looked alike. They were siblings.



It was the icing on Wes’ joyful ending since DeLuca and Chin could not believe it.

“We were absolutely shocked when we found out they were brothers, but, at the same time, it explained so much,” DeLuca said. “It feels great knowing that not only did we rescue Wes and give him the life that he’s always deserved, but that he was also united with his brother, who he’s become so close with and gets to live a peaceful life with his best friend/brother by his side.”


Source: The Dodo



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