Sandra Ramos, a local resident of Midland, Texas, manns a lost dog sign at busy intersections. The dog named Bentley, a terrier/chihuahua mix, is listed as missing and there is a $1,000 prize for his safe return, according to the notice.

What is amazing about this tale? The missing dog really belongs to a different person than Sandra Ramos—a stranger who has subsequently become a friend.


Ramos contacted the dog’s owner, Shelly Almuina, according to Newswest9, and promised to assist her in locating Bentley. I thought that if I had the large sign that she has in her yard, I could hold it up so that others would see it and I could go to the key intersections, said Ramos. “I stood at all of these places for two days and hours, and I could see people stopping, taking pictures, and becoming more active, and it made me feel like okay, people are looking at his picture right now.”

We spotted her the other day!! Thank you for assisting!! said Facebook user @MandyCraig.


“To hear that someone has a desire to find him to reunite with me, it truly was overwhelming because it really hurt me deeply,” stated Almuina in the aforementioned piece. “I know we’re supposed to love our neighbors by doing and she has surely done that. I have been astounded by her lovely heart.”

Call Shelley at 432-488-7899 if you have any information regarding Bentley. Let’s hope Shelley and her dog are reunited soon and that more people act like Sandra Ramos has by lending a helping hand to individuals who are in need as well as their four-legged companions. What a great person!

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