A beautiful 4-year-old dog named Unicorn wagged his tail and hoped his owner would provide love, attention, and companionship. Unfortunately, authorities say 38-year-old Carey Marie Wilson is a monster in disguise. The Labrador mix was found at his owner’s home with a very disturbing injury. The emergency call that came in at 2 am the night of the incident is believed to have saved his life.

An investigator from Nassau County Animal Services in Florida showed up at the woman’s home only to find the dog in despair. Poor Unicorn had a 16-inch long arrow sticking out between his eyes with the arrow’s shaft speared behind his ears. He was rushed to the hospital, where the arrow was surgically removed, and stitches were done. “Unicorn is not out of the woods yet. He still needs medication, he will require additional X-rays, and he is heartworm positive,” shelter officials stated.

Source: First Coast News

Fortunately, his owner was arrested and recently had her day in court. Wilson pled no-contest to animal cruelty and was sentenced to jail. Many animal rights groups found out about the case and hoped for the maximum penalty with plenty of time in jail. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, and members of In Defense of Animals, a California-based animal-protection organization, are livid about the minimum amount of time she was given.

Source: First Coast News

In total, Wilson must serve 15 days for her crime plus 12 months’ probation but could have received much more. Animal rights activists were hoping for up to five years behind bars with a $10,000 fine. The animal rights group sent a petition to the State Attorney of Florida, Melissa Nelson, with 15,000 signatures. They asked for prosecution to the fullest extent but were disappointed by the outcome.

“It’s extremely frustrating to see the court system hand out such a weak sentence for the deliberately cruel and violent treatment of an innocent animal,” said Doll Stanley, director for the group’s “Justice for Animals” campaign. “The only silver lining here is that Unicorn survived and is now getting the care he deserves.” The dog has since been adopted out to a forever loving home. For more on this case, press play on the video below.

H/T: First Coast News