Caring for dogs with sensitive stomachs can be a big challenge for owners out there, as you can’t just give them any commercially made food that may contain ingredients irritating for their tummies. So as a worried fur parent, you’re now probably on the lookout for dog food recipes that your pup can enjoy with ease, without a painful stomach ruining their day.


Those recipes are something we can help you with, but first, let’s dive deeper into what causes tummy sensitivity in dogs, as well as signs that indicate your dog has a sensitive stomach.


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What Causes Stomach Sensitivity in Dogs?


The recipes you’ll look for may depend on what’s usually giving your dog an upset stomach. Certain components present in dog food may trigger indigestion in your dog, so it’s important to always check the label or ingredients list to know if your dog’s tummy can tolerate the food or not. Of course, random things around the house they chew on are not included (though you probably should keep a close eye on these, too)!


The following are some common ingredients that cause stomach sensitivity in dogs:


  • Fiber. Just like us humans, dogs need fiber in their diets to promote proper digestion and encourage easy passing of stool. Sometimes, though, their fiber source may be doing the opposite to their tummies. If this happens, give them vegetables such as pumpkin, lettuce, carrots, and green beans.
  • Protein. If you often give chicken-based food to your dog, then its high protein content is likely the cause of their upset stomach. Try giving them other meat where they can get their dose of protein, such as fish, beef, or lamb, and see if their condition improves.
  • Fat. No matter what happens, resist giving in to those puppy dog eyes when they’re asking you for a bite from your burger, as foods that have exceedingly high fat and oil content may be difficult for your dog to digest. Refrain from giving them too greasy foods — again, refer to the ingredients list first to determine the percentage of fat and other contents.
  • Dairy. While we know that dairy products may be given to dogs in moderation, giving them past the recommended amount may result in acute intestinal problems that can lead to complications in the long run.


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Signs Your Dog Has a Sensitive Stomach


If you’re not yet sure whether your doggo has a sensitive stomach or not, here are its telltale signs:


  • Vomiting
  • Loose bowel movement
  • Bloated tummy/flatulence


If your dog exhibits any one of these symptoms on an almost daily basis, the problem may be beyond a simple stomach sensitivity, and medical intervention could be necessary. It is advisable to go to the vet right away for proper treatment and diagnosis.


What to Look For in Food for Sensitive Dog Tummies


There are store-bought tummy-friendly foods that you can buy for your pup, but homemade ones are even better. Ideally, sensitive-stomach-friendly dog food has simple ingredients, free of seasonings and additives — a good thing if you’re preparing their food yourself at home!


Should you decide to go for ready-made ones, here are some examples of bestselling, sensitive tummy dog recipes from JustFoodForDogs that you can get for your dog:


Daily Diet Beef Russet Potato


  • Beef and Russet Potato (perfect for high-calorie diets; rich in iron and zinc)

    — human-edible ground beef, russet, and sweet potatoes, assorted fruits and vegetables


Daily Diet Chicken White Rice


  • Chicken and White Rice (rich in calcium and phosphorus)

    — fresh chicken, long-grain white rice, spinach, carrots, and apples


Daily Diet Fish Sweet Potato


  • Fish and Sweet Potato (rich in omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, vitamins B6 and B12)

    — Alaskan Pacific wild-caught cod, russet and sweet potatoes, green beans, broccoli, safflower oil


Yum! The recipes above will definitely bring back your pup’s energy for mealtimes while improving their health, too. To be on the safer side, always consult your vet or veterinary nutritionist before changing or introducing something new to your dog’s diet.


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Goodbye, Achy Tummy!


While diet is a big factor, there is no single meal plan that will work on all dogs with sensitive stomachs. Better to consult your pup’s doctor and nutritionist about it so you can be further guided. At home, always examine the food your dog eats, remove unnecessary stuff and treats from his diet, and only give him food that’s fresh and preservative-free.

There are many healthy food options you can choose from for your dog with a sensitive stomach — in fact, JustFoodForDogs is offering an exclusive 35% discount on your purchase! Order at today and let your dog enjoy fresh, vet-approved whole-food recipes they (and their tummies) will definitely enjoy!

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