That feeling when you can’t scratch that itch! ??

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Couple’s Story Of Rescuing An Injured Puppy In Greece Shows The Power Of Love

The unexpected occurred as TikTok user @matomonti and her traveling companion were exploring Greece. Their car came dangerously close to being hit by a stray puppy that ran onto the road. Being the good people they are, they decided to intervene and offer assistance. This duo went above and beyond to assist. A second chance […]

After Being Hit By A Car And Left For Dead, 3-Legged Dog Is Adopted By Vet Who Saved His Life

Jim had just been hit by a car when Dr. Sue Lynch first saw him.  Fortunately, someone saw the injured dog laying by the roadside and transported him to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, where chief vet Lynch started treating the canine’s fractured pelvis.     Lynch told People magazine, “From the […]

Firefighters Hailed Heroes For Saving Lost Dog From California Storm Drain

California has been pummeled by what seems like never-ending rain for the past few weeks, which has caused evacuations, flooding, and mudslides. Fortunately, first responders were ready to respond when one family in the San Bernardino region had a very close call during the storm. The dog belonging to this family discovered a gap in […]