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May 27, 2021by admin

If you’re a dog owner or lover, you’d know that dogs can do many things. You’ve probably heard about dogs being health aids, performers, and so on. So, finding out how all dogs have the potential to be “Dog Artists” won’t be shocking to you. There’s a TikTok trend/challenge that is all about art by dogs.

TikTok is the place to be when you need to pass the time, it’s a platform that has anything and everything for every person. As mentioned earlier, it is a challenge for dogs that a lot of TikTok dog owners have been trying out. This one is new, instead of the usual pranks on your furry friends or ones where you see a dog doing funny things — this one shows you how you can unlock your dog’s inner paw-casso or doggo van Gogh.

Video for reference and inspiration:



  • Ziploc bag that can fit your canvas
  • Dog-safe Peanut Butter or any type of spreadable dog snack
  • Canvas ( A framed one would be optimal)
  • Acrylic Paint


It’s actually pretty simple, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Spread the dog-safe peanut butter or the spreadable dog snack onto one outer side of the Ziploc.
  2. On the canvas, put dots or smears of your desired paint. It can be any color and can be placed anywhere on the canvas.
  3. Carefully put the canvas inside the Ziploc.
  4. Once the canvas is secure inside, present it to your paw-rtner and let them lick the treat spread all over the Ziploc. Just enjoy watching the artistic magic happen.
  5. After that, take out the tongue-licked canvas painting, and voila! You have your very first dog masterpiece by none other than your little dog artist.
  6. Let it dry for several minutes (around 20-30 mins) and put it on display.

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If you want more activities and challenges for your dog to try and test out their artistic side you can try these out:


Pawprint Flowers This one is going to require both you and your dog to work as a team. All you need is some bond paper or special paper, paint, and a paintbrush.

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Pawprint watercolor painting Simple yet aesthetically pleasing. You’ll only need a large piece of thick watercolor paper, a little bowl of water, Watercolors, and a watercolor brush.

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Pawprint garden stones Perfect for dog owners with backyards, lawns, and/or gardens!

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There you have it! Your dog is officially an artist.

When the universe made it rain with talent and overall adorableness, all dogs were outside playing with puddles and got all of the blessings. The online platforms showcasing art by dogs are yet again proof that dogs are simply too good for us hoomans.

Share this with your fellow paw parents and post about the art your dog has made. It might inspire other dog owners to test it out too!

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