Becoming parents for the first time is always such a special moment and that incredible feeling is not experienced by just humans.

Dogs feel emotions as well and can be just as excited to welcome their newborn puppies into the world.

We always hear stories about mama dogs giving birth and caring for their little ones, but it’s not often we hear of the dog dads who are still in the picture.

Viral Paws/Youtube

One Golden Retriever mama just recently gave birth to a litter of puppies, and their dad was ecstatic to meet his babies for the first time.

While the mama was pregnant, the dad remained by her side, keeping her company and giving her lots of kisses. While she was giving birth, he kept his distance but was still keeping an eye on her.

Viral Paws/Youtube

Once the puppies were born, the dad could hardly contain his excitement and was finally able to meet them. He was incredibly gentle and welcomed them with lots of licks!

I think it’s safe to say that these newborn puppies are in great paws!

Watch their adorable first meeting in the video below:

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