While one might easily think that all dogs are the same because of their daily habits, there is actually more to them than what meets our hooman eyes. In fact, dog breed personalities are a thing and it pays a lot to recognize the behaviors that make each one unique, especially if you’re a relatively new fur parent.

Just as we humans take our time discovering what our real personalities are, we must do the same for our canine friends. We have compiled in this list 5 dog breeds with the personalities they are best known to have. If you are curious to know what sets your pet apart from other dogs, keep on reading!


The French Bulldog is one of the many dog breeds that exude a happy disposition most, if not all of the time. They are considered an entertaining albeit stubborn breed—Frenchies sure know how to always give their owners a good laugh every now and then.


Widely known for being a loyal, protective, and intelligent dog breed, the German Shepherd is definitely one of the dogs with the best personalities out there. It is almost innate in them to want to keep everyone away from danger while still being friendly, and of course, cuddly.


If you’re looking for a dog that has a warm personality but loves adventure at the same time, then the Labrador Retriever would be the perfect choice for you. This particular dog breed loves exercising and a lot of time outdoors, so getting them to be active won’t really be a problem. They are also very obedient and sweet, which make them an ideal family dog.


This notably fluffy breed’s nonchalant personality is often compared to that of a cat’s, but they are some of the most devoted ones you’ll ever meet. The Chow Chow is usually aloof around strangers, but if the owner takes ample time to introduce them, they can warm up to others quite easily. Although they don’t always like to be cuddled, they are still likely to stay by your side rather than hang around by themselves.


Often mistaken for the Alaskan Malamute because of their distinctive physical features, the Siberian Husky is playful and loves the great outdoors. They are generally a friendly and amiable breed, but oftentimes, they like to display an intimidating and dominant personality.

Dog breed personalities and traits may seem too complicated for us to understand at times, but it’s actually something that we really have to consider when purchasing or adopting a new dog. Knowing our dogs’ personalities helps us pay attention to whatever specific need they may have, and determine the best ways to approach and nurture them in the long run.