Gwen, a dog, has returned home after becoming trapped beneath large, heavy rocks on a San Francisco beach.

On Friday, SF Animal Care and Control posted information on Gwen’s rescue to Instagram. The “dog was buried under large rocks on Ocean Beach, down near the sewage treatment plant.” the group claims.



Although the tide was “coming in,” rescuers from SF Animal Care and Control were able to get the puppy out of the precarious situation before it reached the dog.

“It is beyond lucky that we even got this call,” SF Animal Care and Control continued in its post, sharing that a jogger on the beach found the dog after hearing a sound.


He “thought he heard a muffled bark, turned around, but no one, human or dog, was in sight. He decided to look around in the rocks, and he miraculously spotted a dog’s face looking up from under the rocks,” SF Animal Care and Control wrote.

The jogger contacted SF Animal Care and Control for assistance in releasing the dog after finding it.


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The sole open-door shelter in the city adds, “Officer Ortega was able to find her (no small feat in itself), move large rocks, and pull her out,”

Deb Campbell, a spokesman for the San Francisco Animal Care and Control, told PEOPLE that the organization is “incredibly proud of their Animal Control officers and the things they do to rescue animals. We’re thrilled Officer Ortega was there for Gwen when she needed help.”



Officers learned that the 1-year-old English springer spaniel had a family searching for her after Gwen was found safe. Officer Ortega drove Gwen right home since, as SF Animal Care and Control observed in its tweet, the dog’s owner “had already called ACC to report her missing.”

“Gwen was reunited with her family in Noe Valley, scared and cold, but otherwise OK,” the organization added before concluding in the post that while it is unclear how the dog “got into that tiny area,” everyone “is glad she’s now safe and sound at home!”





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