This weekend, residents in North London may take their dogs to a three-course Christmas feast. Santa Claus, the great man himself, is present as well.  A pet friendly London restaurant that will meet your expectations for sure!

For that, the renowned Doggy Sunday is being held in a special edition at the steakhouse Gaucho in Hampstead. The area is transformed into a holiday haven for you and your canine companion on December 4.

A pet friendly London restaurant!

Think of the photos! Dachshunds Through the Snow is sure a cute event! Even the cuisine will be canine-friendly. Too adorable.

Indeed, every month at Gaucho, there is a Doggy Sunday event, but the one this weekend, December 4, has a special holiday flair. The patio of the Hampstead restaurant is transformed into Santa’s grotto by the restaurant’s extensive holiday decor.



Between 12 and 3 p.m., Father Christmas himself pays a visit, and it’s not only for customers to take pictures. Your lovely dog, too, receives a gift and a photo with Santa. Ideal for hanging as a holiday decoration!

You and your dog may dine on the three-course A La Bark menu at the well-known restaurant for a hefty £60

As far as the menu for humans, it includes: empanadas, burrata, steak tartare, steak as a main dish with mac and cheese, chips, and salad. You’ll get a sticky apple and date pudding for dessert, too!

Furthermore, on the dogs’ menu, it’s a special pizza slice to start, a turkey or lamb gourmet doggy bowl for main and a peony pupcake for dessert. Absolutely delicious!

Exceptional in every way: the amazing reviews of this pet friendly London Restaurant

Gaucho Hampstead currently has a four star rating on Tripadvisor as guests say it’s “exceptional in every way”. This restaurant is growing fast, as they are doing a fantastic job. Of course, both for dogs and humans.

Indeed, the reviews are certainly amazing. One diner wrote: “Had an amazing experience here. The steak was was cooked to perfection.”

Beyond that, another reads: “From the minute you walk in you feel very welcome like a family by absolutely everyone. We’ve attended with our little dog today and our waitress Victoria was outstanding. Recommended one of the best red wines I’ve ever had And an amazing desert. The steak is the best out of all Gauchos so perfectly cooked. Had the best Bday celebration for our little dog.”

All in all, a restaurant for dogs and humans you simply cannot pass! 

Source: My London

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