While the majority, if not all, pet owners adore their animals, others develop a strong and particular attachment to their pets.

A wonderful illustration of a unique link between owner and pet is Scott and Biggie.



Scott made the decision to take a trip one day in order to unwind. He came across a sign reading “German Shepherd pups” while he was passing through a small farming community in Payette, Idaho.

Scott initially had no plans to get another dog, but after taking one look at Biggie, he knew he had to have him. Biggie was one of the last puppies to be adopted because of a hernia and other problems.



Scott didn’t mind these problems, though. Scott told GeoBeats Animals that he wanted to give the animal the finest life possible. What a fantastic life Biggie is currently living.

Scott claims that Biggie finds happiness in the mountains. Together, they enjoy snowboarding, swimming, and hiking. Additionally, they skateboard, and Biggie enjoys running across expansive fields.



Scott allows Biggie to roam about uninhibited when they are out trekking and come across a secluded spot.

Biggie has a great ear for music. He typically has his big ears perked up so he can hear what’s going on around him.



Although he’s a big dog, Biggie is still a puppy at heart. He loves playing with a small ball and Scott says Biggie always has a ball with him and treats it like a pacifier.

“If you give your dog the best life you can, in turn, you can have the best life you can have as well,” Scott shared.



Of course, they don’t have a flawless connection. According to Scott, taking care of Biggie can be difficult.

This includes Scott working out Biggie daily for at least two hours to help control his energy levels.



Biggie was admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago due to fluid in his lungs. Before he recovered, he was in the ICU for three days. Thankfully, Biggie recovered totally.

We’re overjoyed that Scott and Biggie are together. Biggie has completed a full circle, going from being a dog that nobody wanted to someone’s best companion and family member.




Source: Animal Channel


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