In a world where everything is fast-paced and everyone is always on the go, it’s nice to slow down a bit and take our time in appreciating nature’s goodness – it goes without saying that our furry friends should, too, especially when it comes to their food and overall well-being.

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Earth Animal is a company that believes in this philosophy. Since 1979, they have been committed to formulating effective products that have only the safest ingredients, created through a more humane and sustainable way. They believe in improving animals’ and people’s quality of life through their products with as little negative impact as possible on the environment. Every component of their products is ethically sourced, fresh, real, and natural. Earth Animal has a wide array of natural pet products such as chews and treats, remedies for cough and aches, herbal protection against ticks and fleas, vitamins and supplements, and their exceptional Wisdom™ Dog Food, which we would be talking about more below.

So here are 4 reasons why you should shift to natural food for your dog now – for a better quality of life and a better Earth!

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1. Natural dog food is healthier.

A number of kibble being sold in the market contain high levels of fillers and preservatives to prolong their shelf life. The presence of these in your dog’s food can cause various digestive problems and can result in long-term complications, that’s why giving them nutritionally complete food with fresh ingredients would be best. An ideal option would be Earth Animal’s Wisdom™ Dog Food, a ready-to-eat blend formulated by the company’s founder Dr. Bob Goldstein, who is also a veterinarian. It is made with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, GAP-certified meat sourced from cage-free poultry, and Dr. Bob’s Vitality Cubes™ which are rich in probiotics, sprouted seeds, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Each of the 3 premium components is air-dried separately to ensure that all essential nutrients and flavors are retained. Wisdom™ promotes overall well-being, whatever age or breed your pet is.

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2. Natural dog food tastes better.

Since there’s no more need for additives and artificial flavoring, natural dog food has better palatability compared to kibble because your pup would be able to taste all the natural flavors of its components. Aside from its high nutritive value, Wisdom™ Dog Food is delicious and would surely make your dog look forward to every feeding time! It can also be combined with their regular food to give it a savory kick and make it more enticing to eat.

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3. Natural dog food is easier to digest.

The difference between ordinary kibble and Wisdom™ Dog Food is that the former has its ingredients all mixed before being formed into pellets, while the latter has separate components which you can actually see and tell apart from each other. This makes Wisdom™ the better pick because its formulation will make it easier for your dog to digest the food more easily.

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4. The ingredients of natural dog food are ethically and sustainably sourced.

One great benefit of making the switch to natural pet food is you can be 100% sure that its ingredients only come from sources that share the same mission of sustainability, with the environmental and social impact in mind. Earth Animal is at the forefront of achieving these goals, and through their Wisdom™ Dog Food and other natural pet products, it compels dog owners to join them in their cause.

The ingredients of Wisdom™ are ethically sourced worldwide – 95% of it comes from North America, including its main components such as poultry, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 2.4% of it is sourced from Europe, while vitamins and minerals account for 0.7% of it which are obtained from various parts of Asia. Earth Animal aims to be transparent about where and how their raw materials are sourced, as well as the methods in which their products are developed and created.

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Adapting to a natural and holistic lifestyle has a lot of benefits, and could save us money and make us and our pets healthier in the long run while making Earth a better place to live in. Visit and make the switch now!

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