Traveling with a pet is always an adventure, but it can be even more fun when that pet is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (PBGV). These lively, energetic dogs are perfect companions for exploring new places and discovering hidden gems. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the joys of hitting the road with your furry friend, and some tips for making the most of your travels with a PBGV by your side.


One of the best things about traveling with a PBGV is their natural curiosity and love for exploring. Whether you’re driving through a bustling city or hiking through a scenic wilderness, your furry friend will be right there with you, taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells. Their high energy levels and love of adventure make them ideal companions for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and even swimming.


But before you hit the road with your PBGV, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s important to make sure your pet is comfortable and safe during the trip. This means providing them with plenty of water, food, and rest breaks, and making sure they have a secure place to ride in the car. Some PBGVs can get car sick, so it’s a good idea to bring along some medication just in case.


Another important consideration when traveling with a PBGV is finding pet-friendly accommodations. Fortunately, many hotels and vacation rentals now welcome pets, so it’s easier than ever to find a comfortable place to stay with your furry friend. Some hotels even offer special amenities for pets, such as dog beds, treats, and dog-walking services.


When it comes to planning your itinerary, it’s a good idea to choose activities that will be enjoyable for both you and your PBGV. This might mean taking scenic walks, visiting pet-friendly parks and beaches, or exploring new neighborhoods and local attractions. Keep in mind that some activities, such as museums or restaurants, may not allow pets, so it’s important to plan and make alternative arrangements if necessary.


One great way to make the most of your travels with a PBGV is to seek out dog-friendly destinations and events. For example, many cities now host “doggy happy hours” or pet-themed festivals where you can mingle with other dog owners and their furry friends. You can also check out local dog parks and hiking trails, or even go on a dog-friendly brewery tour!


Of course, traveling with a pet can also present some challenges. For example, if you’re flying with your PBGV, you’ll need to make sure you comply with airline regulations regarding pet carriers and documentation. And if you’re crossing international borders, there may be additional requirements for vaccinations and health certificates.


n the previous section, we discussed the joys of traveling with your PBGV and some tips for making the most of your travels. In this section, we’ll offer some destination suggestions for you and your furry friend to explore together.


The Pacific Northwest


The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful and pet-friendly region that includes the states of Washington and Oregon. Here, you can explore breathtaking natural wonders like Mount Rainier and the Columbia River Gorge, as well as vibrant cities like Seattle and Portland. There are also plenty of dog-friendly activities to enjoy, such as hiking in the many pet-friendly trails and visiting dog parks.




California is a diverse state that has a lot to offer for both humans and pets. You can explore iconic cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, relax on sunny beaches, and hike in picturesque national parks like Yosemite and Joshua Tree. Many of the state parks and beaches also allow dogs, making it easy to plan an adventure with your furry friend.




Colorado is a pet-friendly state that is known for its stunning mountain landscapes and outdoor activities. You can explore popular destinations like Rocky Mountain National Park, ski resorts like Aspen, and charming mountain towns like Breckenridge. With so many outdoor activities, including hiking and skiing, your PBGV will love exploring Colorado’s beautiful natural surroundings.


New England


New England is a charming region that offers beautiful scenery, historic towns, and pet-friendly accommodations. You can explore the beautiful coastlines of Maine, enjoy the fall foliage in Vermont and New Hampshire, or explore the historic streets of Boston. Many of the hotels and inns in the region are pet-friendly, making it easy to plan a vacation with your furry friend.


The Southwest


The Southwest is a beautiful and pet-friendly region that offers a unique blend of desert landscapes, vibrant cities, and Native American history. You can explore iconic destinations like the Grand Canyon and Sedona, experience the unique culture of Santa Fe, or enjoy the sunny skies of Phoenix and Tucson. With so much to see and do, your PBGV will love exploring the Southwest with you.


These are just a few suggestions for destinations to visit with your PBGV, but there are many other pet-friendly destinations to explore. No matter where you go, remember to plan and make sure your pet is comfortable and safe during the trip. With a little preparation and a lot of love, you and your furry friend can enjoy many adventures together on the road.

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