Before arriving at the Harris County Animal Shelter, Karma was a stray who had been lost and abandoned. The 12-week-old Shih Tzu appeared to be double her size due to her hair’s extreme matting. After Friends of Faye took over, Karma had a haircut, and it was amazing to see how she changed from a terrified, trembling stray to a self-assured beauty queen.

Foster mother for Karma with Friends of Faye, Andi Leone, said: “I assume she literally was never groomed, ever. She was so matted, we weren’t sure what condition her eyes would be in once shaved. She still has some skin sensitivity [from it].”


Karma was opening up since her much-needed grooming appointment. She is no longer a straggler without a family to look after her.

“A fun, feisty little girl,” Leone described the youngster. “She loves to play fetch and cuddle up in her kennel for quiet time. She absolutely loves children and … she has a great, playful attitude.”



Now that Karma has a hairstyle that goes with her vivacious attitude, everyone will swoon when they gaze into those adorable puppy-dog eyes, just like Leone did.

Leone remarked, “She’s a great, easy girl who gets along with everyone. But she’s still very much a puppy.”



Karma is now prepared to seek her forever home, but her foster mother is confident that the ideal match will materialize soon.

“She gets along with the other 11 dogs in our home, and she absolutely adores our 8-year-old,” Leone said. “Her favorite things are kids, treats, and squeaky toys. She has been such a delight.”



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