Get up and get moving in the great outdoors with your favorite furry buddy! As dogs look up to us to make sure they live their life to the fullest, it’s up to us to make sure they stay fed, fit, and healthy. It’ll take more than good food and a place to sleep to keep your dogs healthy and happy. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to keep your pups in tip-top shape!


1. Daily Playtime and Training


Probably the simplest way of keeping your dogs fit is to keep them active, which can sometimes be a challenge. As dogs get older or get used to their surroundings, they can become complacent in comfort and may opt to sit around and do nothing all day. Help stimulate their senses by getting them newer, more engaging toys as older ones wear out over time. Maybe even get toys that can keep them entertained when you’re not home, such as puzzle balls and alike.


Meanwhile, it’s best to maintain a daily training routine to help keep commands and tricks fresh. You can also give them exercises that promote mental activity like problem-solving activities or fetch. Having a daily training routine also helps foster clearer communication between you and your dogs.

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2. Socialization


Dogs are social animals, and sometimes they need some emotional stimulation to get going. When routines and toys become boring and repetitive (for both you and your dog), socialization is the key to keep your dog engaged. When your dogs start to get lazy, it helps when they interact with other dogs or even people. Boost your dog’s social skills by taking them on play dates, dog park visits, or walks around the neighborhood. Being out more often promotes better fitness and also helps them foster better social skills. Which helps build trust and comfort with other people and animals.
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3. Regular Exercise


Get down and dirty with your dogs and hit the streets because if you want a healthy and fit dog, you’re going to need to give them proper exercise. And the best way to give them a good workout is by going out and exploring the outside world with them. But before you embark on a grand quest for fitness, check in with your vet to see how much exercise or activity does your dog need. As for more active breeds, you might want to consider having more vigorous exercises in their training routine. When you’re exercising outside, please keep the weather in mind especially in hotter climates. Always keep your dog hydrated and watch out for hot asphalt and concrete during a blistering hot day. As for the winter season, you might want to think about incorporating some indoor exercise routines like doga or dog yoga for when you’re stuck at home.


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4. Balanced Diet and Nutrition


For us humans, we don’t get healthier by just working out. You need to make sure you’re putting the right food in your stomach to get the best possible results, and it’s the same for dogs. Give your dogs the proper balance when you’re planning their meals. This means giving them the right amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and clean water. Make sure to watch out how much you’re feeding your dog as overfeeding can lead to some serious health issues later down the line. Check-in with your vet to see if your dogs need vitamins or supplements to help balance out their needs or vitamin deficiencies.


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5. Grooming


Hygiene is an important factor in staying healthy, not just for people but for pets as well. Keeping your dog healthy means giving them regular baths, nail trimmings, haircuts, and even visits to pet groomers. Giving your dog regular grooming sessions and keeping an eye out for their hygiene allows you to see changes in your dog’s overall health, skin, and fur. A few things to look out for include bald patches, dry skin, dandruff, as well as lice and fleas. While you’re grooming, this can also be the ideal time to check for any unusual bumps, lumps, and lesions that you should be concerned about.


6. Regular Check-Ups


Probably the most important part of keeping your dog fit and healthy is to have regular check-ups with vets. This helps provide you with the necessary information you need to make exercise routines, meal plans, and nutrition. It also gives you a chance to see early signs of diseases, injuries, and serious illnesses early on. With that in mind, an annual visit to the vet can be all you need but it doesn’t hurt to go more frequently especially for dogs under rigorous training. While you’re there you can always talk to your vets on what’s the best care plan for your dog. So, if you haven’t, find a vet today to give your dog a long and healthy life.


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7. Preventative Measures


In the same vein as regular check-ups and vet visits, it’s also important to make sure your dog isn’t at risk of contracting serious diseases or illnesses. Preventative medicine can help your dog avoid serious issues such as heartworms, flea-related or tick-borne diseases, and other preventable issues. You might want to take a look at your dog’s dental health. Give them regular brushing as well as dental chews to promote healthy teeth and gums. Regular dental care helps prevent plaque buildup and periodontal diseases, which can lead to more serious issues later on.

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