In 2019, the Bahamas was devastated when Hurricane Dorian destroyed the area. Most of the time, animals are overlooked during these situations especially those who do not have their homes.

A woman behind The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas, Chella Phillips, stepped up to provide shelter for the homeless dogs. Her house was packed with 97 stray dogs and took care of them.

Chella usually rescue dogs from the street to have them vaccinated and checked by the vet. The dogs would live with her for a while until she found a rescue that can help these dogs.

“New dogs each day, each week, each month, new mouths to feed and care for. That is a reality I cannot escape anymore. This is a small island, yet thousands of homeless dogs are roaming the streets in search of food, water, love.” She writes on her post during the storm.

“They are all looking for the same, someone to love them and be kind to them. You would think that is not too much to ask, but here, it is. Not many people see these homeless dogs as sentient beings.” She added.

“Each of my babies deserves to have loving homes, so please, I am begging for rescues to help them. My heart is breaking that I left so many on the streets cause I had no more room to bring them. Please… Please.” Chella updates on Facebook.

You can check and donate to their website here. Thanks to Chella and her one-woman operation, many once-homeless dogs are taken care of by their own families now.

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