One day in January, Hanna Wilson and her family were in Rock Point, Arizona, and it was just another ordinary day; she had no intention of saving a life. But the Good Samaritan’s plans immediately changed when she noticed two heaps of black and white fluff lying in the middle of a busy rural road.

To her astonishment, Wilson discovered eight tiny puppies huddled together with no other family in sight when she pulled over close to the furry mounds to take a closer look.


Wilson acted quickly to save the puppies since the road was busy with vehicles and each one appeared to swerve just in time to miss them.

She first contacted a rescue group that she was confident she could rely on for assistance in picking them up.



“We got a message on Facebook that said, ‘Help! Help! Someone dumped eight puppies on a dirt road in Rock Point, Arizona,’” Shelby Davis, director of Soul Dog Rescue, told The Dodo. “I stopped everything to go find them.”

Prior to beginning her hour-long drive to Rock Point, Davis received another urgent communication from Wilson.


“There were 13 puppies, not eight,” Davis said. “There were more hiding.”

Wilson and her son made the decision to go out and rescue as many puppies as they could as quickly as they could because Davis was so far away and the traffic on the dirt road was getting heavier.



“Her son ran after all of them, and she got them all in a crate,” Davis said. “Then, they waited for us patiently.”

When Davis arrived, she assisted with loading the puppies into the van used for the rescue. She thanked Wilson for helping the puppies even though others had passed them by, pointing out that regular people like Wilson may have a significant impact on protecting animals.


“There are a lot more people in the community doing rescues and not turning a blind eye,” Davis said. “Things are starting to change for the better.”

She first saw a glimpse of the pups’ vivacious personalities when Davis loaded them into her truck and began driving away.



“A couple of them would have full-on conversations with me,” Davis said. “They’d be really good and quiet until I looked at them, and then it’d be time to talk and give me a piece of their mind.”

As soon as the puppies arrived at the vet, they received thorough medical examinations, along with food and water. They were fortunate to be large enough to consume wet food on their own, which would hasten their recovery. Nevertheless, they were insatiably hungry and thirsty.


“I’ve never seen puppies drink as much as they did,” Davis said. “It seemed like they’d been out for a while.”

Although it’s unknown how long the puppies were really outside, Davis is certain that they couldn’t have survived another night with the temperature dropping to 15 degrees Fahrenheit in the night.



Not only were they saved just in time, but each puppy had a nice foster home to fall slumber in on the very same day of their rescue.

“None of them had to come into the shelter, which is always best for them,” Davis said. “With their fosters, they were getting their needs looked after 24/7.”

More details on their rescue can be found here:



The puppies are not alone at the moment; they are still with their foster families. Four of the puppies, who were only 4-5 weeks old when they were saved, went to one foster family with the others of the litter being placed in pairs.

After the tiny litter is completely immunized and spayed or neutered, they will be made formally available for adoption through Soul Dog Rescue in about a month and a half. The puppies are enjoying their new life with their existing families and are growing more every day while they wait for that to happen.

“They’re ridiculously cute and brave,” Davis said. “I know they’ll all grow up to be amazing dogs.”


Source: The Dodo


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