Why We’re Extra Grateful for Our Dogs This Thanksgiving

There’s no questioning that 2020 has been a bit “ruff.” But through it all, our dogs have been there by our side, always ready to bring us comfort and put a smile on our faces. Especially in difficult times, we know our lives are infinitely better with our furry best friends in them. So here are just a few reasons why we’ll be giving out extra belly rubs in gratitude this Thanksgiving.

Because Dogs Are Emotionally Intuitive

Dog sits with family in fall leaves.

Photo by Merritt/BringFido

“I am thankful for my little wild child because she brings such joy to our lives. She always seems to sense when I need her snuggles and comes and lays across me like my own furry comfort blanket, and her quirks are an endless source of family giggles. Her happiness is our happiness, and our lives are so much richer with her in them.”

Dogs Are Great Motivators

BringFido employee and pets.

Photo by Lauren/BringFido

“My dogs get me out of the house for a walk, even when it’s really hard to get myself motivated to do anything. Although sometimes I would love a little extra time to sleep in, I know the routine and consistency are beneficial to all of us in countless ways.”

For Wonderful Memories

BringFido employee and pets.

Photo by Erin/BringFido

“My beloved best friend, Lily-Monet, passed away this summer. I’m so thankful for our time together over the last 14 years. She had such a vivacious personality and gave me unconditional love from day one. We really were lifelong companions, and I am filled with gratitude that we got to spend the last almost half of her life as coworkers at BringFido. I’m thankful that while I was hard at work, Lily could snore on my desk and then go to the breakroom to enjoy long lunch hours begging for scraps. She was a funny and beautiful little Bichon. I’m just so grateful that I was her mom.”

Because of the Grooviness

BringFido employee and pets.

Photo by Billy/BringFido

“I’m thankful for my best friend and partner in crime, Bagel, for the laughs, adventures and generally being an all-around groovy dude.”

They Don’t Care How (or if) You’re Dressed

BringFido employee and pets.

Photo by Sam/BringFido

“I’m thankful for Hank because he never judges me if I just want to be lazy and spend all day on the couch. This year, we’ve spent a lot of time at home watching TV and taking a lot of naps, and he never once complained.”

The Snuggles, of Course!

BringFido employee and pets.

Photo by Kate/BringFido

“When life gets ruff (looking at you, 2020) my dogs are always there for unconditional love, cuddles, and comic relief.”

All About the Love

BringFido employee and pets.

Photo by Beth Shoemaker Photography

“Like so many families, our day-to-day lives changed dramatically this year, but our gremlins have helped our family keep things simple and uncomplicated. At the end of the day, life’s all about loving and being loved, isn’t it?”

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How to Travel Safely With Fido This “Howliday” Season

There’s no denying that the holiday season will feel different this year. The biggest Thanksgiving “paw-rades” will be virtual, and the carols will be hushed at Christmas Markets around the world, but your pup can still get into the spirit of things. Dig out her pugliest sweater, line the table with festive food, and queue up the flicks. Here’s how to stay safe and celebrate with Fido this holiday season.

Safety First

Dogs on vacations

“I’m glad y’all are in my pod.” – Photo by Joan

The old saying tells us that there’s safety in numbers, but the opposite may be true this year. It’s hard to imagine a holiday season without seeing your family. However, the recommended advice is to stick to gatherings of people in your household.

“In-person gatherings that bring together family members or friends from different households, pose varying levels of risk,” cautions the CDC in reference to holiday gatherings. This is especially true when considering vulnerable or elderly family members.

“Avoid close contact by staying at least 6 feet apart (about 2 arm lengths) from anyone who is not from your household. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol). Avoid contact with anyone who is sick,” the CDC says. If you do plan to hang out with family and friends outside of your household, encourage attendees to self-quarantine for two weeks before meeting up.

Getting from A to B

Dogs on a car

“Stop messing around? We can’t ‘ear you!” – Photo by Vicki

Driving is always the best way to travel with your pooch. The only problem is your plan to self-quarantine could be undone by a single hunger pang. Avoid this potential pitfall by packing plenty of food and water for you and Fido to enjoy on the road, so you avoid unnecessary stops in crowded places. When you do have to refuel or use the bathroom, plan your trip around rest stops off the beaten path, where you’re less likely to run into strangers and there’s usually more space for dogs to enjoy a nice walk.

How To Get The “Paw-ty” Started Safely

dogs together

“Did you guys sanitize?” – Photo by iStock/ RobertPlotz

Just because you’ve reached your destination safely doesn’t mean precautions should be cast aside. Cramming into a crowded house with poor circulation exposes you and your loved ones to risk. Instead, how about a family camping trip this year, where everybody can stay in separate tents and share a communal space in the fresh air? These pet-friendly campgrounds go above and beyond for canine guests. Pampered pups might prefer glamping to “ruffing” it in the great outdoors. If you want to congregate in a family home, head to a family member who lives in a small town rather than a big city. No matter where you decide to meet up with your pack, try to spend time outdoors if you can. Wrap up warm and share “tails” around a fire pit. Fido can keep snug and build morale by acting as the family quarantine buddy in this fetching ensemble.

Why a Pet-Friendly Hotel Beats Staying With Relatives

A dog and a christmas tree

“Where are the presents?” – Photo by @poppy.thedoodle

Pet-friendly hotels have always offered a safe haven for canines to escape holiday gatherings. This year, it’s medically advisable to avoid staying with your sister and her five kids ─ what a great excuse! Even during regular circumstances, a hotel room offers more space to sprawl out and enjoy a dog nap, and a calmer environment for anxious pups. If you choose the right one, Fido can also enjoy the lovely holiday decorations. As an added bonus, you’ve got professionals to help you clean up! If you’ve always dreamed of staying in that hotel in your family’s town with the big Christmas tree and the awesome pet amenities, now’s your chance.

There’s one additional reason to choose a hotel for your home away from home. With BringFido Deals, you can score a holiday stay for less. Look for the crossout pricing on properties around the country, and enjoy discounts of up to 50 percent this holiday season.

Fido is a Super Petter!

a woman carrying a dog

“When you’re this cute, people are gonna pet you!” – Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Fortunately for Fido, there’s little evidence that Covid 19 can be passed from humans to dogs. This is great for him, but it doesn’t help two-legged guests. Just like any surface, it is possible that he can carry germs between two petters on his fur.

“Treat pets as you would other human family members – do not let pets interact with people outside the household,” says the CDC.

It’s going to be difficult to prevent everybody’s favorite pooch getting all the pets during the holiday season, so remind people to wash their hands correctly or sanitize before and after a cuddle.


a dog on a table

“Permission to plunge my face into that?” – Photo by iStock/manonallard

Staying at home this year doesn’t have to put a damper on celebrations. You can still spend quality time with your nearest and furriest. First, spend a day outside picking out the prettiest tree at a pet-friendly Christmas tree farm. After decorating the tree, there’s still lots of fun to be had. Just like drive-in movies have found a new lease of life during the pandemic, drive-thru Christmas light shows can also be enjoyed from the comfort of your car. Or, you can stay at home and learn to bake cookies together.

Adapt Your Vacation Plans

a man carrying a dog

“Man, these guys are a tough crowd!” – Photo by @strangelolo

In years gone by, people typically reserved hotels in big cities and popular destinations months in advance, so they could experience the majestic twinkling lights and atmosphere of destinations like New York and Chicago. This year, avoid the crowds and visit a smaller town, where a simple stroll through a decorated Main Street will fill you with holiday cheer.

Support Local Businesses

holiday season

“They can have all of my ‘paw-ket’ money!” – Photo by iStock J2R

There’s one way you can give “bark” this holiday season. Whether it’s sourcing food from local farmers or family-owned grocery stores, or supporting small businesses by purchasing Fido’s gifts from your friendly neighborhood pet shop, don’t forget to buy local. Remember, it’s been a tough year for everyone, and these stores are relying on the holiday season to get through a “ruff” year.

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We Have a Wiener!

The small town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, gives “special election” a whole new meaning. Back in 1998, local legend Don Clare declared his dog Goofy as the town’s first mayor in the hopes it would bring positive press to the historic spot. He must have been onto something, because here we are 22 years later about to celebrate yet another four-legged mayor taking charge.

A French Bulldog is elected mayor of a town in Kentucky.

“Ready to sit for what I believe in!”Photo by Facebook.com/Mayor-Wilbur-of-Rabbit-Hash-KY

At six months old, Wilbur the French Bulldog will become one of Rabbit Hash’s youngest mayors. It’s a lot of responsibility for such a young pup, but he’s ready for the challenge and, as his campaign slogan affirms, “He’s all ears.”

Wilbur’s campaign manager, Amy Noland (who also happens to be his mom), worked tirelessly to ensure the purebred Frenchy won the time-honored “paw-sition,” hosting rallies through social media, distributing “Wilbur Wear” t-shirts, and canvassing for votes.

This French Bulldog is the mayor of a town in Kentucky.

“Campaigning got me like…”Photo by Facebook.com/Mayor-Wilbur-of-Rabbit-Hash-KY

“Campaigning was fun, but there was ruff competition for sure! Due to Covid 19, we did most of the campaigning through social media. We used a couple of different platforms and worked day and night replying to posts and making them,” said Noland.

Wilbur the French Bulldog won the dog election to be mayor of Rabbit Hash.

“Proud to be an American!”Photo by @wilburbeast2020

All the hard work paid off when the votes were tallied and Wilbur won by a landslide. The “fur-midable” Frenchy scored the highest number of votes any candidate has ever received, a massive 13,143 (almost as many as Kanye). Voters contributed $1 for each ballot cast, raising a total of $22,500 in this election. The donations will go toward preserving the historic buildings around town.

Wilbur the French Bulldog elected Mayor of Rabbit Hash.

“Give me liberty, or give me a bone.”Photo by Facebook.com/Mayor-Wilbur-of-Rabbit-Hash-KY

Ballots were submitted online and in person at the town’s most recognizable landmark, Rabbit Hash General Store, which has been in operation since 1831 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Did you vote for Wilbur the French Bulldog in Rabbit Hash's dog election?

“Will accept treats and pets as bribes.”Photo by Facebook.com/Mayor-Wilbur-of-Rabbit-Hash-KY

What’s next for Rabbit Hash’s mayor-elect? Well, first is the small matter of the black-tie “in-doguration” in January, when he officially takes over from the incumbent, Brynneth Pawltro, a pit bull who will graciously pass over the leash.

Wilbur the French Bulldog is the new mayor of Rabbit Hash, KY

“I’m ready to take office … after this nap.”Photo by @wilburbeast2020

Then, it’s onto serious business like raising money for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society and awareness surrounding human health issues. All in a day’s work for the world’s furriest mayor.

Wilbur’s campaign prepared this statement for his fans and constituents:

“Thank you for the vote of confidence from local supporters and people all over the world. It’s an exciting adventure and a deeply meaningful cause to preserve the river hamlet town of Rabbit Hash. The town welcomes visitors and will continue to provide fun events for all ages to come experience the nostalgia and charm we have to offer. Stay tuned for Wilbur’s appearance dates, and contact him any time using social media. He’s ‘ALL ears.’”

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10 Vacation Rentals With Fireplaces for Toasty Tails

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since there’s no place to go, chew a bone, chew a bone, chew a bone! These 10 vacation rentals welcome your pooch to curl up, relax and warm his paws in front of a roaring fireplace.

1. O’Neill Cabin

Index, WA

a dog at O’Neill Cabin

“This picture almost looks like we staged it, Mom.” – Photo by Airbnb

Take a trip down memory lane at O’Neill Cabin, a 1950s fishing cabin that sits on the North Fork of the Skykomish River and is surrounded by nature trails. Guests will relish spending a chilly day in the hot tub with views over the river, followed by a snug evening by the wood fireplace. Although there’s some firewood provided, bring your own if you want to make the most of getting toasty.

Nightly rates start at $145, with an additional pet fee of $20 per pet, per night.

2. Lakeside Log Home

Hunter, NY

a dog at Lakeside Log Home

“Those squirrels are ham-mocking me!” – Photo by Airbnb

Break free to serenity at this lakeside log home in the Catskills, where you can spend the day walking around 24 acres of woodland next to a semi-private lake, then return to the property’s fenced area to unleash your pooch for a romp by the water’s edge. When the sun starts to set, retire by the logfire for an evening of guided meditation and a much-needed nap.

Nightly rates start at $181.

3. The Hideaway

Englewood, CO

a dog at The Hideaway

“This house is almost as adorable as me.” – Photo by Airbnb

The Hideaway is a charming little house that gives you and your pup the opportunity to disappear for a while. The large fenced backyard provides a private place for Fido to let off steam. If he’s looking for a bigger stomping ground, there’s 70 acres to explore at Chatfield State Park Off-Leash Dog Area just 10 minutes away. After a long day on the trails, curl up together in bed with the gas fireplace blazing.

Nightly rates start at $99.

4. A-Frame in the Forest

Lake Arrowhead, CA

a dog at A-Frame in the Forest

“Big dogs need vacations, too.” – Photo by Airbnb

Dog bed? Check! Dog food? Check! Oh, and firewood. Don’t forget lots and lots of firewood when you visit this A-Frame in the Forest. Nestled in woodland near Lake Arrowhead, this serene escape has everything you need to switch off and check out.

Nightly rates start at $196. Up to two dogs are welcome with prior approval.


Appleton, ME

a dog at BREEZE

“Tree-mendous fun on the balcony.” – Photo by Airbnb

Take it “tree-sy” at BREEZE, a unique abode located at The Appleton Retreat, a comfortable hideaway for visitors to experience the outdoors with home comforts. As long as your dog can be carried, she is invited to stay in this treehouse that sits 40 feet above the ground. Hike around the 120-acre private retreat together, SUP on the pond, and cozy up by the indoor fireplace when the stars come out. Be warned, the final staircase is steep and may take some coaching with your pooch.

Nightly rates start at $175.

6. Mökki Silver Fox

Grand Marais, MN

a dog at Mökki Silver Fox

“I’m working remotely – honest!” – Photo by Airbnb

Bring the charm of Scandinavia to you at the Mökki Silver Fox. Designed and built by the owner, this delightful cabin is full of personality and is made for people and pups who want to get away from it all. Take flight in the sky chair that hangs just the right distance away from the warming glow of the log-burning fire.

Nightly rates start at $129, and one dog is welcome for an additional fee of $30.

7. Luxury New Log Cabin

Canterbury, NH

a dog at Luxury New Log Cabin

“Rockin’ n rollin’.” – Photo by VRBO

Lake life lies just outside this luxury new log cabin in New Hampshire. During the day, let your pooch  feel the sand between his paws on the cabin’s private beach and explore pet-friendly trails that wind around Lake Winnisquam. Don’t worry if cold weather stops play, you can always sprawl out around the epic fireplace instead.

Nightly rates start at $447.

8. Epic Luxury Treehouse

St. Johnsbury, VT

a dog at Epic Luxury Treehouse

“Halt, who goes there?” – Photo by Airbnb

We’re just as “mutts” about Dog Mountain as the hosts of this epic luxury treehouse. Located half a mile from the 150-acre farm that has been transformed into a doggy playscape, Fido can spend his vacation playing in the dog park and paying respects to departed pets at the Dog Chapel. Afterwards, head back to the treehouse and put your feet up with your pup by the gas fireplace.

Nightly rates start at $289, with an additional pet fee of $50 per stay.

9. Savage Lake Lodge

Troy, MT

a dog at Savage Lake Lodge

“This is my house! But, you can stay if you want to.” – Photo by VRBO

Sit on the deck of the lake and watch time float by at Savage Lake Lodge. Play fetch with your canine on the lawn with the Cabinet Mountains as the backdrop, or watch him roam free from the expansive deck. Venture out onto the lake when the sun is shining, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be returning to a comforting fireplace in the evening.

Nightly rates start at $195, with an additional pet fee of $50 per stay.

10. The Cozy Cottage

Port Angeles, WA

a dog at The Cozy Cottage

“I could get used to this vacation malarky.” – Photo by Airbnb

Don’t judge a book by its cover, but do judge a home by its name. The Cozy Cottage is a charming vacation rental just blocks away from downtown Port Angeles. Fido can let his hair down without the constraints of a leash in the fenced-in backyard while you chill on the deck. Visitors can also make a hearty breakfast from eggs that the hens provide. Take “paws” by the electric fireplace and reflect upon another trip with your best friend done the right way.

Nightly rates start at $103, with an additional pet fee of $15 per stay.

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