Soldier Saves Baby Squirrel, They Become Best Friends And Driving Companions

A Belarusian army soldier named Pyotr Pankratau found a dying baby squirrel and saved its life. He did so by nursing it back to health using milk in a syringe. But what followed was even more amazing.

He named the squirrel Masik.


Isn’t Masik adorable? 🙂


When Pyotr ended up leaving the army, he brought his squirrel buddy along.


Pyotr became a taxi driver, and he had the perfect co-pilot lined up. 😉


“I took him with me everywhere. In the army, everywhere. So he got used to this. Masik has a standard route at home, too – eating, then sleeping, from the kitchen to either under the blanket or to the wardrobe. He likes to sleep with me, close to my neck. He is very independent. There are no better animals.”


“He ran away once, but I came up to the tree and he returned. Recently, I put him on a tree, and he was totally frightened and trembled all over.”


But Pyotr doesn’t always tell his passengers that there’s a squirrel in the car. “I don’t show him to everyone. I mean, what’s the point? Why disturbing him all the time? I show him to kids. However, I watch him constantly.”


But boy does Masik enjoy playing with the children!


…And tagging along for the rides!


If you’re ever in a taxi in Minsk, keep an eye out for the squirrel! 🙂


What a shocker it’d be to get in a taxi and see this little fella. What an amazing thing they have going here!

Fido’s Got The Itch: How To Relieve Your Dog’s Seasonal Allergies

The sun’s shining, birds are singing and bees are buzzing in the backyard. While it’s great to see pretty flowers blooming, an excess of pollen in the atmosphere can put a damper on things. Seasonal allergies don’t just have a negative effect on humans. Fido may also suffer symptoms caused by his body having an adverse reaction to foreign substances in the air. Here’s how to identify and treat seasonal allergies in your dog.

Signs of Seasonal Allergies

A Fluffy Dog Yawns on a Terrace.

“Bless me!” – Photo by Barbel Recknagel from Pixabay

Fortunately, it’s not hard to tell if Fido is suffering from seasonal allergies. Check out these “tell-tail” signs:

  1. There’s nothing quite like scratching an itch, but doing this excessively can worsen the problem and even lead to secondary infection from bacteria. Look out for an increase in scratching and gnawing.
  2. The vacuum cleaner is already working double-time to keep up with your pup’s shedding, but keep an eye out for even more fur than usual during allergy season. Dandruff can also be an indicator of dry skin caused by irritation.
  3. Dogs lick themselves for cleanliness and out of boredom, but too much paw licking can be a sign of an allergic reaction.
  4. Does your pooch scoot her booty every time she goes outside? She might be trying to tell you that she has seasonal allergies.
  5. The ears are a giveaway to numerous canine health issues. If your dog is flapping his head and frequently trying to scratch inside his ear, allergies could be the reason.

Managing Canine Allergies

A Chihuahua Stands on Hind Legs in the Grass.

“Next time, let’s stick to the trail.” – Photo by Rebecca Schönbrodt-Rühl from Pixabay

Mitigating the irritating and unpleasant symptoms of allergies should be high on the agenda for any responsible dog owner. After all, feeling itchy and scratchy all day long can have a negative effect on your pup’s mental health. With a few simple changes to her lifestyle and the adoption of certain remedies, you can drastically improve her life.

A Leashed Dog Sits in Tall Grass.

Avoiding long grass and high pollen areas on daily walks can help.Photo by Felix Wolf from Pixabay

Out and About

If your daily walk usually takes you through meadows or a neighboring flowerbed, then it might be time to try a new route that avoids areas of high pollen. Another way of limiting exposure is by steering clear of walks in the early morning or late at night.

A Dog With Seasonal Allergies Gets a Medicated Bath.

“You know I’m going to roll around in the mud in like five minutes, right?”Photo by oritslama from Pixabay

Keep it Clean

Bath time! Those two words can send a shiver down the spine of even the toughest of terriers, but a few minutes of discomfort can lead to long spells of itch-free happiness. Bathing Fido with the right products a couple of times per month can help soothe unpleasant symptoms. This hypoallergenic shampoo contains no harsh ingredients and is designed for pets with sensitive skin. Remember, don’t bathe him too much, as this can also make his skin dry. Instead, wipe his paws and fur with a damp cloth or an allergy wipe when he comes inside from the backyard or home from a walk to remove some of the pollen.

A Dog Lays His Head on a Pillow.

“There’s nothing like the feeling of clean sheets!”Photo by Renato Laky from Pixabay

Keeping Fido clean isn’t the only way of reducing pollen contamination in your home. Cleaning your sheets and vacuuming carpeted areas can prevent your clean canine from becoming covered in pollen as soon as he lies down. Replacing your air filter regularly will also lower the amount of pollen inside your home.

A Wheaten Terrier Poses With Zesty Paws' Aller-Immune Bites.

“A treat a day keeps the itch at bay!”Photo by @harlow.the.wild.wheaten

Treat and Treatment

Have you made adjustments to your daily routine, but you’re still not seeing any results? It might be time to introduce an herbal remedy. Zesty Paws’ Aller-Immune Bites are designed to support digestive and immune health through a blend of detoxifying apple cider vinegar, omega-3 fatty acids and more. These ingredients promote a healthy response to seasonal allergies. If your dog can’t scratch that itch, spray him with soothing skin tonic spray. This topical conditioner provides fast-acting relief to hot spots and dry skin.

The severity of symptoms varies for each dog. Persistent issues may require an antihistamine prescription from your veterinarian.

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How To Fend Off Fido’s Boredom

Stay-at-home orders across the U.S. have altered normal routines for every member of the population, including pets. Four-legged inhabitants who are used to shopping for treats at their favorite pet store or mingling together at the dog park are temporarily cooped up at home. One way of keeping canines entertained during lockdown is by introducing tricky toys, tantalizing treats and exciting eats. Thankfully, Petco offers all of these and more, hand-delivered to your car with its curbside pickup service. It’s the safe and socially responsible way to ensure your best friend has everything he needs. Fido will be able to receive his goods within 1-2 hours, and you can enjoy 10 percent off your order on select items when you shop online and select “I’ll Pick It Up.”

1. Freshen Up Fido’s Nest

This dog loves his dog bed.

“Let sleeping dogs lie!” – Photo by @chewtoyboi123

Dogs sleep an average of 12-14 hours a day, and these numbers are likely to be even higher at the moment. Gift your pooch a welcome retreat for one of her many dog naps with this Orthopedic Pillowtop Lounger. The bottom layer is made of orthopedic foam for support, and the pillow top provides extra comfort for “paw-fessional” snoozers!

2. Top It Off

Raw boost mixers add flavor and nutrition to your dog food.

Ready to mix it up. – Photo by @juliacabanblog

During stressful times, it’s best not to change your pet’s diet entirely. Instead, why not try introducing a topper or mixer to your dog’s food? With just a little sprinkle, she’ll experience brand new flavors and feel the benefits of additional nutrients. Petco’s selection includes mixes that improve gut health, the immune system and heart health.

3. Take It Slow

A dog test-drives his Neater Slow Feeder.

“Slow and steady, that’s the ticket.” – Photo by

If he eats his dinner in three gulps, how’s Fido going to fill the other 23 hours and 59 minutes of the day? Help him pass the time and live a healthier lifestyle with the Neater Slow Feeder. Dogs can suffer from bloating if they eat meals too quickly and ingest too much air with each mouthful. This phenomenal feeder forces your pup to taste every mouthful, and the extender makes for a more comfortable dining experience, too.

4. Take Fetch to the Next Level

A happy dog plays with an iFetch tennis ball launcher.

“I don’t need you any more, human.” – Photo by @happypappyjivi

Anybody who has spent more time gardening recently will know that dogs with tennis ball addictions love to slow down the process. Give your pup a real workout with iFetch. This automatic tennis ball launcher flings a mini tennis ball 10, 20 or 30 feet, giving you the opportunity to relax and spectate or get some yard work done. The lower distance settings are great for in-home play as well.

5. Reinvent An Old Favorite

Keep Fido occupied with KONG Easy Treat.

“Who needs new toys when you have a KONG?” – Photo by @kongcompany

What pup doesn’t like the classic KONG? Big or small, there’s a KONG to suit your canine. The only thing better is one packed full of flavor. Use KONG Easy Treat to upgrade the gold standard of dog toys with delicious peanut butter paste. For other ways to entice Fido, check out these creative recipes.

6. Put Fido’s Brain To Work

A dog prepares to solve a treat puzzle.

“I have all the time in the world to figure this puzzle out!” – Photo by @dustin.the.cobberdog

Put an end to puppy boredom with a challenging treat puzzle like this one from Outward Hound. He can stick his nose where it is wanted for once, and use his brains and paws to try and dislodge treats hidden inside this fun dispenser. It’s a mental workout with a tasty reward!

Curb Your Enthusiasm

A happy dog waits for Petco curbside pickup.

“Happy to be here.”Photo by @opie_berner_gal

Get all of these goods, along with thousands of other foods and supplies for your pet, delivered straight to your car with Petco curbside pickup. Place your order online or using the Petco app and select “I’ll Pick It Up” to save 10 percent on select items. Your order will be ready within 1-2 hours, and you’ll receive an email with a contact phone number as soon as it’s available for pickup. Call the number when you’re outside, and a Petco employee will deliver to your car door.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Petco.

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How Dogs (and Dog Lovers) Are Helping Out During the COVID-19 Pandemic

To paraphrase a famous saying, “When the going gets ‘ruff,’ the ‘ruff’ get going.” As the world comes together to combat the global pandemic, these pups and canine enthusiasts are stepping up to the challenge and helping out in all kinds of ways. From encouraging social distancing by delivering groceries and wine to providing free temporary housing, these dogs and dog lovers are making a huge difference in their communities.

RVs 4 MDs and RVshare Offer Free Temporary Housing For Healthcare Workers

A Healthcare Worker Stays in an RV With Her Dog.

This healthcare worker is sheltering with her dog in a donated RV. – Photo by

A Facebook group called RVs 4 MDs has connected RV and camper owners with nurses, doctors and staff members across the nation who have been exposed to COVID-19. By providing them with a safe place to stay while isolating, the group has allowed healthcare workers on the front lines to move from spending their nights in tents outside to sleeping comfortably in an RV. RVs 4 MDs is working with the dog-friendly company, RVshare, who has waived all of its fees for the group’s participants in an effort to recruit more RV owners. RVshare also has an RV Relief Program, in which owners can offer their motorhomes to those in need. It’s a unique and crucial way to support healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly to care for coronavirus patients. And they don’t have to leave their furry friends behind.

Sundance the Grocery-Delivering Golden Retriever

Sundance the Golden Retriever Delivers Groceries to His Neighbor.

Sundance also delivers mail to his mom. – Photo by

A Golden Retriever named Sundance has been delivering groceries to his 71-year-old neighbor, Renee Hellman, who is self-quarantining in Manitou Springs, CO. Hellman is especially vulnerable to COVID-19, since she suffers from chronic pulmonary disease. Her longtime neighbor, Karen Eveleth, wanted to help out and trained Sundance to come to her aid. Sundance’s friendly nature (and a few duck jerky treats) motivates him to be a good samaritan and go fetch Ms. Hellman’s shopping list, and then retrieve her groceries and cooked meals.

Medical Detection Dogs Hope to Sniff Out COVID-19

Six Portraits of Medical Detection Dogs Learning to Sniff Out Coronavirus.

These four-legged heroes could potentially save thousands of lives. – Photo by @medicaldetectiondogs

Trainers at Medical Detection Dogs in the United Kingdom believe COVID-19’s effects on the human immune system will produce a unique scent that dogs will be able to detect. The pups might also be able to single out individuals with fevers as a result of the novel coronavirus. And have no fear, the furry heroes will not be exposed to any infected people or materials. Once the dogs are trained, they will be able to detect the smell of ill individuals without having any physical contact. Although the research is still in its earliest phase, if these disease-sniffing canines are successfully trained to detect COVID-19 infection in individuals, they could be placed in airports to screen travelers and help slow the spread of the virus.

Rescuing Pups of COVID-19 Patients in NYC

A Man in Personal Protective Equipment Poses With the Dog of a Covid-19 Patient.

Just one of New York’s real-life masked superheroes. – Photo by

Animal Care Centers of NYC’s officers have saved several pets’ lives whose owners were sick with the novel coronavirus. One poor pup was left home alone when her owner was admitted to the hospital for suspected COVID-19. The woman was so worried about her pet that she was threatening to leave the hospital until Animal Rescue Specialist Feraz was on the case. Wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE), Feraz went and retrieved apartment keys from the concerned pet parent and immediately went to get the unattended canine. He then transferred her to ASPCA for boarding while her dog mom focuses on recovering. The Animal Care Centers of NYC urges pet owners to have a plan for your pets in case you get sick.

If you’re in New York City and have a virus-related pet issue, call the NYC COVID-19 Pet Hotline at (877) 204-8821.

Distance Healing and “Paws On Learning” from Surf Dog Ricochet

Surf Dog Ricochet is lending a paw with virtual video conferencing and learning.

“I’m virtually irresistible!” – Photo by

Surf Dog Ricochet is a bona fide hero. This gnarly canine not only surfs, but is also a licensed therapy dog who has helped kids with special needs, people with disabilities, wounded warriors and veterans with PTSD learn to surf as a form of therapy, assistance, healing and empowerment​.

These days, Ricochet is taking her incredible powers online. Anyone struggling, depressed, scared or overwhelmed by the pandemic can reach out via FaceTime or videoconferencing for virtual canine therapy or distance healing. And to help kids stay entertained in a fun and educational way while they’re at home, Ricochet has introduced “paws on learning.” The free one-on-one sessions include video chats, virtual surfing, reading, dog tricks and more. You can browse and download an activity book and other fun materials here.

Soda Pup the Wine Delivery Dog

A Senior Citizen Pets Soda Pup the Wine Delivery Dog.

Boxer wine. – Photo by

In Hagerstown, MD, the owners of Stone House Urban Winery enlisted the help of their 11-year-old brindle Boxer, Soda Pup, to deliver wine to customers and encourage social distancing during the pandemic. He’s been on the scene at the winery for a while, entertaining guests during wine tastings. But now, wearing a special harness backpack, Soda’s dedicated to the important task of wine delivery. Treats as tips are accepted. Oh, and if it’s raining, you may want to delay your pickup. Soda Pup refuses to leave the front porch during wet weather.

Watch Soda in action here:

Divine Canines and Bailey the Therapy Hound Offer Virtual Therapy Visits

A Bassett Hound Offers Virtual Therapy Visits From a Laptop.

Somebody is looking her best for her therapy dog e-visits! – Photo by @baileythetherapyhound

In Austin, TX, one therapy dog organization is now offering virtual visits during the pandemic. Divine Canines is a Central Texas volunteer group with more than a dozen canines who’ve experimented with teletherapy. Bailey the Therapy Hound, a paralyzed Bassett Hound living with IVDD, is one of those pup volunteers taking time to meet with clients via web conferencing. People can schedule their appointments online if they just want to see Bailey, or she can even read them their favorite story. The service has been especially helpful for people who are feeling lonely during this time and for kids who love dogs and need a welcome distraction. Divine Canines believes that live video conferencing will remain in their portfolio of therapy options even after the pandemic, so dogs can continue help anyone who is in need of a little happiness.

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