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May 19, 2021by admin

February 3rd is universally recognized as National Doggy Date Night, and while the world is struggling to live through these turbulent times, we still find ways to reward our doggies for their unwavering love and compassion. It could be your pooch’s favorite snack (as long as it doesn’t ruin their nutrition), a new toy, or even a long walk to the park. For next year’s National Date Night, however, why don’t we go the extra mile?

As dog parents, there are several ways to treat our adorable pups on this special day. They might not be able to communicate with us through speech, but we certainly feel it when our pooches are thankful! This article is a brief round-up on how to celebrate National Date Night with your good boi.

doggy date night massage

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Give your dog a nice massage.

Don’t we all fancy a good, relaxing massage once in a while? Well, our four-legged pals love it too, so this is definitely a good way to spend annual doggy date night! Your pooches love having you as their owners, so it’s only natural for them to feel exclusively comfortable with you when you massage their paws. You don’t even have to be a professional massage therapist to massage your pup— just try to make them feel special by caressing their fur or taking the time for a little extra petting session.

If you want to take it a step further, you can also try doing the Tellington Touch Technique (commonly known as the “T-Touch”). It’ll certainly put your dog into zen mode!

doggy date night take dog to park

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Take your dog on a picnic in the park.

Most dogs adore the outdoors, so a surefire way to make your dog happy is by spending an entire day together in the park! It’s always a good idea to go on a nice picnic, complete with a picnic blanket, some food (don’t forget the doggie treats!), and his favorite ball! You can spend the day playing catch or by letting your dog socialize with other pooches in the area!

To make the picnic extra special, you can also try whipping up a nice, homemade treats for you and your pet to enjoy!

date night with dog handmade toy

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Make a handmade toy.

For the creative fur parents out there, this idea is amazing to uplift your dog’s spirits on his special day! While it sounds like a bit of a challenge at first, creating a DIY toy for your pup is an extremely satisfying experience — you would see how happy they are when they see new toys to play with! Of course, it depends on your skill level, creativity with arts and crafts, and the materials available in your home, but you can always make something if you’re the imaginative type.

Your DIY toy can be as simple as a knotted towel and a tossable toy made from old shirts! For advanced options, you can also try creating special treat puzzles or chewable toys made from ropes.

doggy friendly date walk someplace special

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Take your dog on a special walk.

Dogs need to go on walks at least once or twice a day, but why not spice things up by taking your pooch on a special route for a day? These special walks are the epitome of dog-friendly dates as they allow you to go on a new adventure with your pup. Maybe you can try walking on different roads within your neighborhood, or even go out on a trip to the forest and the mountains!

On this special walk, your dog will see new sights, smell new things…the same feeling when you smell a new book for the first time!

dog friendly date spa

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Take your dog on a divine spa day.

Aaahh, we could all use a spa day after an exhausting week at work! On doggy date night, our pups most certainly deserve the same divine treatment at a puppy wellness spa. Some local spas offer a variety of options, including massages, haircuts and blowouts, and even pawdicures! This will leave your pup as fresh, slick, and cuddly as ever!

There are many other ways to treat your pooch on National Doggy Date Night, but these ideas will certainly make them feel special. You can provide a luxurious experience by going to a wellness spa, or do something as simple as going on a picnic or taking them on a special walk— anything to make them feel loved on their special day.


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