Regardless of what they look like, all dogs deserve affection and attention. Some people hope that someone will see past their outward appearance and love them for who they are since they may have injuries or disabilities that make them appear different.

But one unlucky dog had a particularly heartbreaking tale: when an accident left her without a leg, his family abandoned her due to the way she seemed.


A dog named Squirrel was rushed to the vet with critical injuries after being struck by a car, Sidewalk Specials reports.

The dog did survive, but the damage to her limb rendered it irreparable.



But Squirrel was tough; she rapidly adjusted to having three legs and regained her ability to walk. In no time, she was playing with other dogs and running around.

She was all set to return home, but when her family arrived to pick her up, they said she “grossed them out” and expressed concern for the children’s safety due to the three-legged dog.



Her relatives abandoned her there because of her appearance.
After everything, the dog had gone through.


Nevertheless, Sidewalk Specials offered her for adoption. This family does not look past Squirrel’s appearance, but perhaps another family would be able to recognize what a wonderful dog she was.

The dog received 128 adoption proposals and has since found the ideal permanent home.


Squirrel’s new family, who call her “Squash,” adores her for who she is. Whenever they take her to the park, she has no trouble playing and running around.

Squash has developed a strong bond with the family’s little son. Her previous family believed she would terrify kids, but these two have grown to be the closest friends.


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