Dog saves woman

Dog to the Rescue: Stray Dog Saves Woman from Getting Robbed

May 19, 2022

Dogs are lovely creatures; they’re compassionate, empathetic, and downright adorable. But dogs aren’t just adorable friends that roll around to make us happy, sometimes dogs can do some pretty brave and heroic things; this is one of those instances. Back in 2017, a video from Montenegro went viral. Here we see a woman minding her…

Pigeon wheelchair dog featured

Watch This Paralyzed Dog React To Her New Wheelchair

Pigeon the pup is living the high life now, thanks to some really loving new parents and a wheelchair. But that wasn’t always the case with Pigeon. This precocious, always-happy dog is paralyzed from the hind legs after getting into a car accident with her previous owners. She suffered a broken back and was left…

pit bull greets toddler

Pit Bull Thanks School Bus Driver Every Day For Dropping Off Her Human

May 18, 2022

We all know the stereotypes surrounding Pit Bulls, but Lucy here is just another great example of why we can’t pin bad behaviors on certain breeds. It’s all in how they’re raised. This sweet dog loves everyone she comes into contact with, but it took her nonverbal human brother a little time to come around…

boy reunited with lost dog

Boy Thought His Lost Dog Was Gone For Good, Comes Home And Sees Him Waiting

It has to be one of the worst and most helpless feelings in the world to know your dog is lost out there somewhere all alone. And as dog lovers, we hope we never have to experience that. But one 10-year-old boy had to, and at one point he even had to wonder if Bruiser…

pittie gives dad an earful

Pit Bull Doesn’t Like Her Dad Coming Home Late, Gives Him An Earful

Pit Bulls often get a bad rap when so many are filled with so much love! Their smiles, floppy ears, and mile-a-minute tails spell out S-W-E-E-T-N-E-S-S, not A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-O-N.Meet Roxy! The sweetest Pit Bull is all about playtime and cuddles. And her dad!She’s very disappointed that he’s arrived home late from work. She’s waited all day for…

Stray Dog Finally Get Adopted By A Flight Attendant After Waiting For Six Months

April 27, 2022

When a dog chooses its human soulmate, it will go the extra mile to show its loyalty and affection. This heartwarming story is an example. Flight attendant, Olivia Sievers from Germany frequently travels to Argentina as part of her job. AT one of the hotels in Buenos Aires, she meets Rubio, a stray dog that…

Surveillance Camera Caught Dog Stealing Food From the Supermarket

When we think of stealing, it would always lead to punishment. But how would you feel if this hungry dog stole from a supermarket? This adorable dog is really a thief, after taking food from the grocery, this dog also stole the hearts of thousands of people after seeing the video. This incident happened in…

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