This video might not completely surprise you if you have pets or are familiar with the behaviors they display. But regardless of whether you are aware of what pets do, watching this video will still be enjoyable. You will want to keep watching this specific video, which was published on Instagram and has been going viral ever since for the cutest of reasons, over and over again. An extremely cute Beagle dog and its owner are shown in the video. Toto is the name of the dog that appears in this video.

It begins by displaying the adorable dog’s pet mother working diligently. However, as she makes an effort to focus, her darling dog can be seen gazing at her with those characteristic puppy eyes in order to receive the love and affection that it so richly deserves. This pet parent named Aakashi Alive posted the video on her Instagram page.

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Posted on September 18, this video has received over 2.37 lakh likes on it as of now.

“Awww so cute,” wrote an Instagram user. “Hahahah loved how the song is in sync,” posted another individual. “How sweet,” wrote a third.

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