Even though we are aware that every dog’s response will be the same, we can’t get enough of seeing canines experiment with different foods. They always crave more food and find it hard to understand that it does not taste as nice. 

Although all of those videos are adorable, we particularly like one of them. It does not get any cuter than this, as shared by TikTok user @tessanielson in a video of a Black Lab puppy eating seaweed. Just hear those crunches!

@tessanielson Sailor pup trying new snacks #puppy #blacklab #9weeks #dog #treats ♬ original sound – Tessa Nielson




We are in awe of how this baby is chomping on the seaweed. One of the prettiest sounds we have ever heard. As the TikTok creator stated in the comments, “I couldn’t bring myself to put music over the little chomps 😅.”

The chomps are pleasant music to our ears.


He was so disappointed that he just received one piece of seaweed, and @xyxinc’s comment, “He’s like, ‘What else you got?’” At least it was not a bad treat; @garageparty added, “Healthy boy.” He’s going to grow up big and strong!

User @ginniw09 commented, “But if a human sounds like this I’m ready to throw hands. 😂😂,” Who thought seaweed was a good treat for pets? So many TikTokers are remarking that their dogs and cats enjoy it. LOL! Guess we got to test it out for ourselves. No human chomping sounds as cute as this, though.


Source: Pet Helpful

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