The world of literature is a vast sea of knowledge, full of facts, histories, and fantastical adventures. Today, there are millions of books worldwide and more are getting published as we speak! With the sheer number of books today you shouldn’t be surprised that there are tons of good stories about dogs even in comics. Today we’re taking a look at some of the best books devoted to dogs from fictional tales to riveting autobiographies.


Don’t worry, we’re well aware that a lot of dog stories have dogs that die in the end and we’ll try to steer clear from those. But if there is a dog that dies in one of these stories, we’ll let you know.


1. My Life as a Dog by Moose, Also Known as Eddie Written by Brian Hargrove


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My Life as a Dog, written by Brian Hargrove, is a biography about the Jack Russell terrier who plays Eddie in the show Frasier. The book is a classic rags-to-riches story about how this adorable pup worked his way up to superstardom. This book is an enjoyable read for any reader and is even better for Frasier fans, especially Eddie fans. Taking the same snarky and snappy attitude from the show, the book brings to life the entertaining life history of one of America’s most popular and beloved dogs.


2. Hero Dogs: How A Pack of Rescues, Rejects, And Strays Became America’s Greatest Disaster-Search Partners by Wilma Melville and Paul Lobo


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Harrowing, heartbreaking, and inspirational are some of the words used to describe this compelling true story of rescue dogs. This biography follows the story of several heroic dogs including three abandoned dogs named Lola, Cody, and Ace. Believed to be unadoptable, untrainable, and unsalvageable these dogs became part of search-and-rescue teams for some of the worst disasters in America in 1995.


This book also follows the beautiful and heart-wrenching stories of several heroic dogs, the activities of canine search-and-rescue (SAR) teams, and the establishment of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF). This is a fantastic book detailing the inspiring tale of Wilma Melville, her heroic dogs, and dedicated volunteers and firefighters.


3. Dog Sense How the New Science of Dog Behavior Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet by John Bradshaw


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If you love scientific facts, trivia, and psychology about dogs then you’re going to love Dog Sense. The book goes deep into the science behind dogs and dog behaviors while explaining misconceptions about dogs as a species. The book provides research and different perspectives when it comes to working with or training dogs. Overall, the book is a fantastic addition to your library if you want to know more about your favorite animal, how dogs differ from wolves, and broaden your understanding of dogs. There’s also a lot you can learn about the different philosophies when it comes to dog training and shows us the world from a dog’s perspective.


4. The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein


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The Art of Racing in the Rain is a New York Times Bestseller from the Author Garth Stein and is a deeply heartfelt, emotional, humorous, and uplifting story. The story follows Enzo, a philosophical dog that has a deep understanding of the human condition and an obsession with opposable thumbs. He has learned everything he needs to know to understand humans through T.V. and listening to his master Denny Swift. The book takes a unique perspective on life, love, loyalty, and hope. It takes a captivating look into the absurdities of modern life in a way that only a dog could tell. The best part about this one is that there’s a 2019 movie of the same name that you can enjoy. However, we should warn you that the book is about Enzo the dog recalling his life on his deathbed. Despite its sad premise, it’s still a beautiful read.


5. Finding Gobi: A Little Dog with a Very Big Heart by Dion Leonard


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Did you know that in 2016 an ultra-marathon runner ran a 155-mile race across the Gobi Desert in China and that a dog followed him for 77 of those miles? This is the story of that dog written by the marathoner himself. This book is the fantastic and awe-inspiring story of a small terrier with a big heart. Follow Gobi’s journey as she runs across mountains and sandy dunes, determined to follow Dion. Read how this little dog formed a deed and an unbreakable bond with Dion, inspiring him to finish this race with Gobi by his side.


6. The Pug List: A Ridiculous Little Dog, a Family Who Lost Everything, and How They All Found Their Way Home by Alison Hodgson


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If your house burnt down one day and you’re struggling with insurance, rebuilding, and parenting, what is the next best thing you can do? Adopt a dog of course! The Pug List is equally brilliant and heartbreaking. The book follows Alison Hodgson’s struggles through a stressful time in her life and her daughter’s desire for a pug. Facing mountains of issues and her own traumatic experience, Oliver would heal and reconnect the family in unexpected ways. Despite the tragic premise the book proves to be inspiring, hopeful, witty, and funny in unexpected ways. It is a wonderful feel-good book to read and Oliver the pug doesn’t die in the end so that’s a big plus in our book.


7. I Toto: The Autobiography of Terry, The Dog Who Was Toto by Willard Carroll


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We started with a celebrity dog, I think we should end with another celebrity dog. For us older dog lovers you’ll recognize the cover of this book as Toto, Wendy’s dog from the Wizard of Oz in 1939. Interestingly enough the creation of the book is just as interesting as Toto herself. During an expansion of the Ventura Freeway in Los Angeles Willard Carrol found an old scrapbook from a site that used to be a pet cemetery. The book contained the story of an iconic Cairn Terrier named Terry, detailing her tragic beginning, her rise to stardom, and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Wizard of Oz. This biography contains over 150 photographs of Terry and is a wonderful book about a dog for casual readers and fans of the movie.

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