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You Won’t Believe These 15 Reasons Why Having A Dog Is Good For Your Mental Health

February 12, 2021

The bond between humans and animals is undeniable. For many people, these gentle creatures are more than just pets — they have become important members of the family. As Hall of Fame basketball player turned TNT analyst, Charles Barkley, once hilariously put it: ‘dogs are like family members that don’t ask for money.’ But all…

Labrador Retriever health

If You’re Arf-y and You Know It: 5 Dog Breeds and Their Personalities

February 2, 2021

While one might easily think that all dogs are the same because of their daily habits, there is actually more to them than what meets our hooman eyes. In fact, dog breed personalities are a thing and it pays a lot to recognize the behaviors that make each one unique, especially if you’re a relatively…

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The 13 Types of Dog Owners You Will Meet At The Dog Park

There are different types of dog owners that you will meet at the park daily. Some are nice, some are weird, and some with dogs that look like their owners. We listed them down so they will be easier to spot next time you go out: 1. The Owner Who Thinks Their Dog Is Human…

netflix films to watch with dogs

Must Watch: What Netflix Dog Films Should You Watch Next?

Picture this, it’s a hectic week and you finally get your break. Or maybe you just need something to keep you occupied. You head over to Netflix and immediately encounter a dilemma as you scroll through the wide variety of films. *Scroll* Not in the mood for anything that’s too cerebral. *Scroll* Nah, don’t have…

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Keep Your Buddy Nice and Tidy: Dog Grooming Tips and Tools

Being a fur parent means unlimited kisses and cuddles from your pet. It has got to be one of the best feelings in the world, but there comes a time when that’s not exactly the case. Like all hoomans, doggos also need to have good hygiene for them to live a healthy life that is…

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