Dogs are incredible teachers, and humans can learn a lot from being in their presence. Dogs are all about living in the moment and taking their time going through life. There is no finer example of this message than Winky the agility dog. The pooch is taking the Internet by storm with his ‘life is short, take your time’ epic video.

Source: Twitter/@WKCDOGS

At the Westminster 2019 Masters Agility Championship Preliminaries, the dog showed the audience exactly how he marches to the beat of his own drum.

Agility is a fun dog sport that is all about speed and accuracy. Dogs are directed through an obstacle course where they must run, weave, jump, and more. With 14 to 20 obstacles, the dog with the fastest time and no ‘faults’ will move on.

Don’t tell that to Winky. He took to the course and sauntered his way around. The adoring little Bichon Frise even took a moment to gaze at his adoring fans in the middle of the course!

Source: Twitter/@WKCDOGSThe winning dog had a time of 32.05 seconds. Winky took his time and entertained everyone with a time of 192 seconds.

Who needs speed when you can spread laughter like this pooch? See for yourself in the hysterical video below.