It’s all too simple to become lost in the teeming sea of figures and faces on New York City’s busy streets. It is true that occasionally a little additional effort is necessary to succeed.

Just ask Bimba, the fluffy city dog.


When it comes to the bustle of city life, Bimba is undoubtedly accustomed to it.

But how adept is she at identifying those who are not strangers?



Clara Serrada, Bimba’s owner, recently made the decision to test Bimba’s ability to recognize people in a crowded environment. So Serrada had her partner lead Bimba in her way while she stood on a busy sidewalk.

Bimba’s nose would undoubtedly find the truth, at the very least. Yet, no!


The small dog needed more than a sniff to understand that Serrada wasn’t just any person.

Bimba seems to have embraced the single-minded “stay to yourself” attitude that is frequently associated with living in a big metropolis. She finally stopped when Serrada’s voice broke through the noise.

@claraserrada I’m nothing #foryou #tiktokdog #dog ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music



On TikTok, one user commented, “True New Yorker.” “Minding her own business, head forward.”

Yes, Bimba might have initially failed to see Serrada. But there’s no denying that when she did, she was overjoyed to see her.



And that is what really counts.

“I knew that at the end she would get crazy saying hi,” Serrada told The Dodo, adding that’s one of the many ways Bimba shows how much she loves her: “Every time I come home, she says hi like she hasn’t seen me in months.”


Source: The Dodo


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