After a video of a dog named Chubbs utilizing dog buttons to notify his mother that he wanted to go outdoors went viral on social media, the internet was left in stitches.

The pit bull, who had terrible stomach pain, is seen pressing his dog buttons to try to wake up his mother so she can take him outdoors in the viral video released by the dog’s owner earlier this month on TikTok under the username Chubbs waggs.


@chubbs_waggs Poor little guy. Chubbs had a bad belly. Apparently I was fast asleep. He pushed so many buttons trying to wake us up. I finally heard his words. He needed to go outside! This talking dog is a good boy. He got extra praise and loves for telling us. #dogbuttons #fluentpet #dogswhotalk #goodboy ♬ Here Comes the Sun – Relaxing Instrumental Music





The picture was accompanied with the description, “Poor little guy. Chubbs had a horrible gut. Apparently, I was deep asleep. He pushed so many buttons trying to get us up. I finally heard his words. He needed to go outside! This talking dog is a nice boy.

The video has attracted many dog lovers from all over the platform, receiving over 740,800 views and 53,500 likes.


One user, Misty commented: “Always mommy first!” And Andrew Martinez said: “You need a button that makes that weird gagging noise that pets do. I can hear my cat doing that from across the house.”

Another user, Chelsea wrote: “The way my dogs would’ve just peed or shit in the house.” And Ashleigh Lynn said: “My dog will stand over me and bark till I wake up.” Victoria added: “my boy comes by the bed and puts his paw [on] my arm when he has to go out at night.”



Monabearbear commented: “Awwww buddy!! Also, I love that “daddy” was like the 20th option he chose.” And Karissa Snowden added: “When he pressed ‘bye’ he was trying his best!”

Lovelife79 wrote: “So sweet. My 1 dog will sit & stare into my soul while I sleep if she needs to go potty while sleeping & yes I def feel it.”


Source: Newsweek


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