Smartphones have changed the way we do our jobs, our relationships, and even the way we take care of our pets. That is why it’s no surprise that tech developers are making apps geared towards pet owners and their furry friends. These apps offer users different benefits ranging from tracking and training to convenience and entertainment. So without further adieu, here are the best dog training apps for dog owners you can download for free:

1. Chewy (Free on IOS App Store & Google Play)

Dog Apps for Smartphones Chewy App Showcase

Chewy is a one-stop-shop when it comes to toys, food, and medicines for pets. Their website has been around for many years, but their app has made it easier to get all the supplies you need for your furballs. With just a few clicks you can purchase items and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. They also have a subscription program offering discounts, so you can just chill and never worry about getting doggy treats again. Make sure to sign up!

2. Dogo (Free on IOS App Store & Google Play)

Dogo is an innovative training app offering personal feedback through video exams. Once your dog masters a trick, you can film their progress and then send clips to dog specialists. Train your dog, compete in weekly challenges, and win prizes!

3. Puppr (Free on IOS App Store & Google Play)

Dog Apps for Smartphones Puppr App Showcase

Running out of ways to train your pets? Puppr is a great app for training your dogs. It has more than 70 lessons courtesy of pro trainers. It has easy-to-follow instructions and a user-friendly interface. You could also chat with a live trainer whenever you hit a roadblock. You can also create profiles for your pets so you could track their progress.

4. Pro Plan P5 Dog Training App (Free on IOS App Store & Google Play)

P5 is a dog training app made by Purina Pro Plan. It is a perfect tool for owners who want to train their pupper. It is loaded with video training materials plus a patented dog activity tracker that helps in setting goals, learning skills, and tracking accomplishments.

5. PetCube (Free on IOS App Store & Google Play)

Dog Apps for Smartphones Petcube App Showcase

It’s never a good feeling whenever you need to leave your pets at home to go to work or do errands. Enter Petcube. It allows you to monitor your dog remotely via cameras. Their more advanced Petcube device, which you can purchase online, lets you dispense treats and check in with your dog through a built-in speaker and microphone. It’s kinda like a baby monitor for your dogs.

6. PooPee Puppy (Free on IOS App Store)

PooPee Puppy is a free iOS app that tracks your puppy’s bathroom habits. It features a simple interface. There are three buttons: ‘Poo,’ ‘Pee,’ and ‘Oops’ that you must tap whenever your puppy does his business. It also has a personal progress log, automatic alarms for their next bathroom break, and a veterinarian log which is very useful during checkups.

GoodPup (Free on IOS App Store & Google Play)

Dog Apps for Smartphones GoodPup App Showcase

Similar to Puppr, the GoodDog app lets you have one-on-one sessions with certified dog trainers. The only difference is the training on this one happens in real-time. You choose your trainer based on their picture, bio, ratings, certifications, and specialties.

Hollywood Dog Training & Tricks (Free on IOS App Store)

Hollywood Dog Training & Tricks is an iOS app that you can download for free to teach your dog advanced tricks that movies canines do. These include changing positions while standing on a mark, backing up, or covering their nose. Each trick is explained via a short video tutorial. You can get 12 videos in all, but only three are free—the rest are $0.99 each or $9.99 for the package.

Whistle (Free on IOS App Store & Google Play)

Dog Apps for Smartphones Whistle App Showcase

Whistle is like Find My iPhone for your dogs. You need to purchase their special tag that goes on the collar of your dog. This way, you can track their movements throughout the day. With one push of a button via the smartphone app, you can set activity goals and get health updates. You can also activate the tag to give gentle nudges whenever they are inactive or turn on a light to make them easier to find in the dark.

Dog Whistle (Free on Google Play)

Dog Whistle emits tones in a high-frequency range that only dogs would hear. This makes it a great tool for pet training. You can train your pup to recognize particular tone frequencies to follow commands. You can train them to calm down, come to you, and perform tricks with a click of a button. Note: Incorrect and prolonged exposure to high-frequency sounds can also damage your dog’s hearing.

TikTok (Free on IOS App Store & Google Play)

Dog Apps for Smartphones TikTok App Showcase

Dogs have personalities too. Show off their cuteness, quirkiness, and overall awesomeness to the whole world through TikTok. This popular social media app is for sharing short clips. You can play dress-up, do some challenges, or just share their daily antics. You can also follow other talented dogs from all over. Your fur baby just might be the next viral star.

Petsafe Smart Dog App (Free on IOS App Store & Google Play)

Petsafe Smart Dog App is similar to Dog Whistle, but instead of high frequency sounds it sends vibrations to your dog’s Bluetooth collar from your smartphone. You can use this to make him stop doing certain misbehaviors like jumping, digging, and howling.

Pet First Aid (Free on IOS App Store & Google Play)

Dog Apps for Smartphones Pet First Aid App Showcase

Emergencies happen. You should always call 911 immediately if anything bad happens, but it would not hurt to be prepared. The American Red Cross’ Pet First Aid app features clean layouts and content for all the common ailments and accidents. There are also emergency tools to guide you to the nearest vet hospital. Stay safe!

Dog Scanner (Free on IOS App Store & Google Play)

Dog Apps for Smartphones Dog Scanner App Showcase

Dog Scanners AI technology lets you determine the breed of any dog just by using your phone’s camera. Just scan your doggy and after a few moments, you will receive a full report about the particular breed, its origins, and other cool facts. You can also use it to prank your friends to see which dog breed resembles them. It’s a lot of fun!

So there you have it: the best dog training apps for dog owners you can download for free. Woof! woof!