When it comes to our doggos’ overall wellness, most of us paw parents go all out in maintaining their health. Whether it be the kind of environment we expose them to or the kind of food we feed them, we’re always out there to make sure that we’re giving them what is appropriate. Despite this, however, many of us (especially new dog owners) seem to overlook one of the most important parts of dog hygiene–dental health.

Here’s a list of 5 simple tips in making sure you are giving your pups the best dog grooming and teeth cleaning practices.

Brush Their Teeth

It might seem silly thinking about brushing your dog’s teeth, but it is actually the simplest way to keep your canine’s teeth healthy. Unlike humans, dogs don’t require getting their teeth brushed every day. Although the more frequent, the better. Dogs won’t be the biggest fan of this practice at first, but establishing a fun routine in brushing will ease them into having a positive attitude about it.

Use Dog Tooth Wipes

dog dental wipes
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Yes, you read that right. There are wipes made specifically for dog teeth. These basically function the same as toothbrushes. The only difference is that you wouldn’t need dog toothpaste to use them. You simply wipe them against your puppy’s teeth, and while they don’t get to clean the nooks and crannies, they’re still a pretty good alternative to remove plaque and improve overall dental doggo hygiene.

Feed Them Dog Dental Treats

Probably the most effortless way to get your mutts’ teeth clean is to feed them dental treats. These are specially made treats that contain ingredients that help remove plaque build-up and also freshen your dog’s breath. These dental treats come in differing sizes, shapes, colors, and flavors, and since dogs love treats, you won’t have a problem getting them excited to get their teeth cleaned.

Give Them Dog Chews

dog dental care dog dental chews
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Many of our mutts like to chew on almost anything. It can be food, treats, or if you’re a bit unlucky, your sofa or any other furniture. But this habit actually provides our canines more benefits than we know. The very act of chewing helps in improving your dog’s oral health as the friction on the chews scrapes off the plaque. Most commercial chews available in the market also come with teeth cleaning properties. Just like treats, giving your mutts dog chews like chicken strips, bully sticks, and the like will keep your doggo happy and dentally healthy.

Take Them To Professionals

Although incurring extra cost as compared to the first four tips, this last one is still the best way to ensure that your dogs are dentally and orally healthy. Taking them to the veterinarian will allow you to get a professional set of eyes to look at your canine’s teeth. Vets can give you the most appropriate advice and care for their dental hygiene. They may also be able to detect any possible oral issues that we as dog owners might overlook.