One morning, Mom woke up at 6 AM to see her 15-month-old daughter roaming the hallway. The little girl is far too short to reach the doorknob in her bedroom, so Mom took to the security footage. And wouldn’t you know it, there she saw Double Trouble! ????

Bleu and Colby were thrilled when their little human sibling came into their lives, and the Golden Retrievers took her under their wing as their partner-in-crime! Once they found out she was way more generous at passing out treats than Mom and Dad, the dogs started scheming up ways to get even more with the help of their sis.

The dogs normally get hungry around 6 AM and bark outside of the owners’ room to let them know it’s time to eat. But on this day, they tried something different. The video revealed the Golden Retrievers breaking into their sister’s bedroom and convincing her to escape with them to help locate some breakfast.

“They definitely knew what they were doing,” Mom told The Dodo. “They start getting real hungry around 6 a.m., and instead of barking outside our room, I think they figured they’d try the baby.”

Sometimes our dogs are just too smart for their own good! ????

Photo credits: M.E.K. Photography/Malorie Forakis, Chris Cardinal
h/t The Dodo

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