We have all been caught making trouble when we should not have, and there are several ways to respond when discovered, including coming up with justifications or denying any wrongdoing. One puppy was caught misbehaving, and her peculiar response is funny.

Millie, a German Shepherd mix canine owned by TikTok user @thatdogisasight, was recently filmed lying on the ground surrounded by pillow stuffing. Watch the video to see the pup’s amusing response to her mother entering the fray.

@thatdogisasight freezing doesn’t make you innocent 🤣 #funnydog #messydog #sillydog #puppy #funnypuppy #fyp #omg #cleanup ♬ original sound – thatdogisasight



When Millie saw that her mother had entered and was about to reprimand her, she froze. Perhaps she reasoned that Mom would not notice her if she did not move. Nice job, puppy!

People expressed support for Millie in the comments. @twannegreen remarked, “I froze with him, we in this together,” while @aleeshayerzakovich added, “As her lawyer, I see nothing here, absolutely nothing, this is nothing but an illusion.” We are delighted Millie has some devoted supporters! 


Others made up possible quotes for this puppy to use at this time. @rodneyjamesgray4 commented, “Oh thank God you’re home. I was just sitting here and it just exploded. I’m lucky to be alive.” Another user, @alibean1976, imaged Millie and said, “I don’t know what happened? I woke up like this.” This pup is innocent of any wrongdoing!

When they are discovered misbehaving, dogs freeze amusingly, as if we will suddenly fail to notice them or the havoc they have wrought. When our dogs act a little destructively inside the house, funny moments like this help lessen the blow.


SOURCE: PetHelpful

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