Did you know that watching movies of cute animals or your own cute pet can lower your blood pressure, tension, and anxiety? People who keep dogs live longer because of this, in addition to the additional advantages of daily activity from walking your dog and the satisfaction and delight you experience from seeing your pet be the cute fool that they are.

Sterling Wolf, a dog owner who submitted this wonderful video of their dog having the time of his life with a common household item, is one dog owner who is well aware of this. This is what true happiness looks like.

@pet.helpful There’s nothing more pure in this world than a good boy and his bucket. 📽️: Sterling Wolf #pethelpful #animalsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #doggo #dogtok #dogsontiktok #petsoftiktok #goodboy ♬ original sound – PetHelpful



Just look at how much fun he’s having! The irony is that pet owners spend around $60 a year on toys for their dogs, despite the fact that any pet parent will tell you that their animal companions enjoy playing with abandoned buckets or water bottles just as much. Just ask any cat owner whose cat has discovered a hair binder or q-tip. That is definitely more entertaining than anything available at your neighborhood pet store!

We hope his parent fills his bucket with water once the weather warms up so we can watch him play in it! He has the best boy with his bucket, hands down!


Source: Pet Helpful


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