When TikTok puppy @ivor the brave was just three days old, his owner sensed something wasn’t quite right. He would frequently cry and struggle to find his way, the TikToker said in the video. But the owner was unable to determine whether it was simply baby clumsiness or not.

You’ll discover that it wasn’t newborn clumsiness as you continue to watch Ivor’s narrative. Actually, he was born with a disability. Ivor’s family chose to keep him rather than abandon him, and they have shown an unequaled level of devotion to him. You will be deeply moved by this tale.

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Oh, please stop! Our hearts are melting to pieces. Ivor’s owner is a really kind person for giving him the care and consideration he need. We witness owners and shelters give up far too frequently. This serves as a lovely reminder to never lose faith. Ever!

“I love the fact you didn’t just give up on him,” wrote @oliwia9205. SAME! The creator responded saying that’s why they do these videos of Ivor. “Ivor proves there is hope for them. He’s such a happy boy,” the comment reads. Ugh, our hearts just skipped a beat reading that!


Another TikTok user, @timmullins73, said, “Born into right where he was supposed to be. You guys are amazing. Keep up the love. I’m sending some extra now.” It was fate that Ivor was born into the right family. All their hard work and dedication paid off. Ivor’s the happiest boy ever!


Source: Pet Helpful

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