What additional proof is required to demonstrate that pets and people are alike? The parallels are coming up again and again. And when you have pet siblings, this is especially true. They behave far too much like human siblings, which constantly confuses us.

The most current illustration comes from the father of a Golden Doodle who recently captured the ideal moment of these two canines acting uncannily like human siblings. The dogs can be seen battling over the ‘kong’ toy in the video, which was uploaded to the @kimberthedoodlequeen account on TikTok. Let’s just say that at some point in our lives, we can all relate to this.

@kimberthedoodlequeen First come first serve right!? 💁‍♀️🤪🐻 #fyp #foryou #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #dadsoftiktok #dogdad #dadsoftiktok #capcut #viral #fypシ #doodle ♬ original sound – 👑 Kimber The Doodle Queen 👑


LMAO! Given that the family’s new puppy has only been a member for approximately a month, Kimber will need to grow used to sharing. They will master sharing in due time. This is similar to human siblings yet again. The elder child was always forced to practice sharing!

“Kimber said, ‘That’s my chair dad,'” wrote @missmaripossa. Oh no, poor Kimber! She’s got to learn that they now must share everything. Toys, treats, and even space. @cubsman1 added, “Aww, poor Queen Kimber. It will be ok.” We promise! And if it’s not, we’ll make sure Dad showers you with some special love and attention away from the new puppy. 


“Kimber has seniority! She is the queen dad!” added @helen_asher. It’s true! The new dog needs to learn the rules around here and who came first. LOL! 


Source: Pet Helpful


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