It’s hard to understand what one may think while trudging through a 26-mile slog.

The physical and mental challenges must be overwhelming, and the tiredness alone must make some wonder why they even started this journey.


Anyhow, it’s reasonable to conclude that Khemjira Klongsanun’s involvement in the Chombueng marathon was unique.

Khemjira saw a little, frightened puppy just off the course in the middle of the race, which was taking place in western Thailand. The Thai wolf-dog was being avoided as best they could by the other runners, but Khemjira knew in her heart she couldn’t just leave him behind.



She hesitantly walked over to the puppy, kneeled in front of him, and attempted to pick him up. Khemjira put the terrified animal first, something that none of her rivals were willing to do, putting all worries about her position in the race to the side.

Khemjira keeps the animal with her despite knowing she wouldn’t survive in the intense heat alone. Khemjira continued her sprint while holding the puppy in her arms because she wasn’t sure what she could do to help.



Khemjira continued to hold the puppy as she crossed the finish line after 19 arduous miles and then took him home to try to find his owner.

But this incredible tale doesn’t end there. After the race Khemjira was participating in when she met the dog, she decided to adopt him and gave him the name Chombueng.

To learn more, see the video below:


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