We can all agree that ice cream has been one of the greatest inventions in human history. This heavenly frozen dessert has been a constant staple for everyone especially when temperatures begin to soar. I mean, don’t we all love a scoop of ice cream during the scorching summer season? And while numerous ice cream flavors have been introduced for human consumption, ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s has created dog desserts to treat your lovely pup!


Ben & Jerry’s has been revered as one of the best ice cream companies in the world, and one day, they just had a eureka moment. Why don’t they start selling ice cream specifically for dogs? In this article, we are going to talk about what dog owners can expect from Ben & Jerry’s new frozen doggie treats! Prepare yourself for a ride that will melt your pup’s heart.


dog desserts ice cream



What are the flavors available so far?


Ben & Jerry’s launched its first line of doggie ice cream flavors this year, and they introduced two flavors: Pontsch’s Mix and Rosie’s Batch. Pontsch’s Mix is a delightful doggie ice cream made of peanut butter and pretzel swirls, along with wheat, milk, and soy, among other dog-friendly ingredients. On the other hand, Rosie’s Batch may not be made of  sugar, spice, and everything nice, but it is a lovely mix of pumpkin and mini cookies! These innovative sweet treats for dogs are indeed the perfect choice to cool off after a day in the park.


Oh, and did you know that Pontch’s Mix and Rose’s Batch were both named after Ben & Jerry’s office K-9 dogs? What a delightful way to honor these two loyal pups in the office!


sweet treats for dogs ice cream


As a dog owner, what can I expect from Ben & Jerry’s dog desserts?


To make things short, you can expect to provide absolute happiness for your pups. Lots of dog owners have already tried Ben & Jerry’s doggie ice cream on their pooches, and boy did they love ‘em! These two ice cream flavors were experimented on picky dog breeds (aka Maltese and Yorkshire terriers) and they couldn’t stop gobbling them up!


Dog owners have been constantly wary about buying doggie sweets, as they tend to taste a little bland for their dogs (hey, you can also head to this article if you want to make your own doggie desserts). Most doggie ice cream is just filled with yogurt and dairy, so all desserts might be a gamble. But Ben & Jerry’s definitely took things to the next level with their doggie ice cream!


benjerrys dog desserts
Photo from Ben & Jerry’s


Our Final Take

While there are loads of dog desserts that are available right now in the supermarket, Ben & Jerry’s new dog desserts undoubtedly unleashed a whole new dimension of flavor for your pooch. You can use this frozen treat as a reward for being a good boi, or after a nice day out under the heat of the sun! You can also read our suggestions for other sweet desserts for your dog.

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