Extremely pregnant and hidden behind a car, Mama Kerry eventually gave birth at a shelter. She was quickly taken in by Hearts & Bones Rescue, whose goal is to ensure that she and her puppies are protected and well-cared for.

According to Katherine Hieber of Hearts & Bones Rescue, “Kerry and her babies settled right in. Kerry is incredibly resilient and seemed happy to have a safe place to care for her pups.”



Kerry was ecstatic to be surrounded by people she loved after spending so much time alone on the streets. She was an amazing mother and knew just how to take care of her babies, but she never wanted to do it alone. She now accepts assistance from everyone when it comes to raising her young, and she even enjoys being cuddled when she feeds them.

“She is extremely affectionate, so if you’re around, she’ll make it known how much she loves being close to you with kisses or a paw shake,” according to Hieber. “Kerry is very trusting and hasn’t been overly protective. She lets us handle her puppies so that we can weigh them and make sure everyone is growing up healthy.”



Kerry is so joyful because she appears to understand that all around her are there to support her and her babies. She cares deeply about her puppies, and all she’s ever wanted is a secure setting in which to unwind and observe their development.

“It’s clear she really loves her puppies and just wants to be near them,” Hieber said. “Whenever she is brought outside to do her business, she’s always itching to go back inside to be near them. She’s a helicopter mom in the best way.”



Currently traveling to their next foster home in NYC, Kerry and her puppies will have the support of their new foster family as they raise their young. Until it’s time for them to leave and find their forever homes, the small family will keep expanding and showing each other love.


Source: The Dodo


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