Every dog in a shelter deserves love and care, but occasionally rescuers come across a pooch who requires a little more tender loving care. That dog’s name was Millie for the staff at @pawsfriendnetwork. The sweet elderly dog needed to find a rescue that would be committed to her care because she needed to be equipped with a wheelchair in order to go around safely.

Fortunately for Millie, someone intervened! While @pawsfriendnetwork helped the elderly woman get suited for her chair, Repo’s Rescues offered to house her. Take a peek!

@pawsfriendnetwork We’re so happy that she is safe and loved now! Supportive rescue partners are the best. 💖 #rescuedog #olddogsoftiktok ♬ Married Life (From “Up”) – Sergy el Som



Well done, Millie! We adore watching you play, run, and explore like the joyful young lady you are, and we know it was all possible because of your heroic rescuers. There are genuinely kind people in the world!

The words “bless you for assisting” were written by TikTok user @foxglove53 to Millie’s rescuers, and we couldn’t agree more. They must be angels in disguise since they came forward to provide her with all she needs to thrive. We are positive that Millie feels this way.


We are aware that they had a lot on their plates with this lady between arranging transportation, keeping her warm, and getting her set up for a wheelchair. However, it was worthwhile! Millie is not only being lavished with attention by sincere animal lovers, but she is also receiving her five minutes of fame. Even her coworkers at Repo’s Rescuers show her affection!

Just observe her tiny smile! Despite having spinal disease and several bothersome health conditions, Millie seems to be the happiest youngster, so we’re delighted she was rescued and found a home where she can be lavished with love and attention.


Source: Pet Helpful


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