When Meredith Wille, a certified canine rehabilitation practitioner, and fitness trainer, picked up Bertha from the Stark County Humane Society in Louisville, Ohio, and brought her home to foster her, Bertha weighed a whopping 60 pounds.

Considered extremely obese, the Beagle-Pug mix’s weight loss journey began.





Bertha would take three steps and have to lie down because it was too hard for her to walk.

Wille got started right away in preparing Bertha’s weight loss plan. She began a healthy diet of high-protein, low-fat food, and low-cal treats, in addition to underwater-treadmill sessions at Wille’s rehab center.


When Bertha first began the water sessions, she could only walk for 15 seconds before needing a break, but now she is able to last for 20 minutes!

By the time summer rolled around, Bertha had already lost 20 pounds. Today, she is down to her goal weight of 29.5 pounds!




Not only has Bertha lost the weight she needed to, but she also found a forever home…with Wille! After their incredible journey together, Wille knew there was no way she could let Bertha go, and decided to adopt her permanently!




Wille has even created an Instagram account for Bertha, so that people can follow her journey. Click here to follow her.

H/T to People & The Dodo.

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